After a week like we just survived, a lot of investors have whiplash.

The market action proved choppy at best, as tech and value stocks dropped on Wednesday but bounced back on Thursday.

Adding to the general pandemonium was bitcoin’s sheer free-fall over the past few days. Bank CEOs and so-called analysts alike are saying the same thing: Avoid crypto.

It’s enough to make Main Street investors sick to their stomachs.

But here at Smart Profits Daily, we play it smart. We don’t buy when the masses are moving into the next “meme stock,” and we don’t sell when the investing herd turns on a once-favored company.

Our team of experts — Ian King, Michael Carr and Steve Fernandez — do hours of research before they send you their recommendations, and they also strategically time when to sell.

But if you would like additional help on when to hold and when to sell in choppy markets, we have just the system for you.

You see, TradeSmith CEO Keith Kaplan and his team created the Stock State Indicator (SSI). It’s a simple tool that tells you exactly when to buy, hold or sell your shares.

And when we say “shares,” we mean everything from stocks and mutual funds to exchange-traded funds and commodities — and even cryptocurrencies.

It helped Keith avoid huge losses back in 2020. When it flashed red (“sell”) on February 27, he took his money off the table. Over the next few days, the market proceeded to drop 20%.

There’s a bit more to Keith’s system than we can tell you here, which is why we’re doing something unprecedented…

Due to popular demand, we’re re-releasing Keith’s presentation with Ian King next week.

It explains how his system works, how to implement it to maximize your profits on your current portfolio and how to use it to stay ahead of the market’s roller-coaster ride.

Keep a lookout for that special presentation over the next week.

Bitcoin and the Bear

This week, our writers were focused on the current market chaos enveloping both stocks and crypto — although we still have our eye on the next hot alternative energy.

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Crypto Bear Market or Buying Opportunity?

Crypto has tumbled 20% over the past week, which has the perma-crypto bears screaming: “I told you so.” And sure, by textbook definition, crypto is in a bear market. But what about the other 166% it’s risen this year? The truth is, what you’re witnessing now is pure noise, and it’s hardly a bear market.

It’s Time to Watch This Moving Average

Traders often use moving averages to determine the direction of a trend. A significant one that determines a trend over the medium term (three to six months) is the 50-day moving average. And as it turns out, it’s signaling a bear market…

Is Your State a Solar Power Leader?

Solar power will be a big part of the New American Economy, especially as President Joe Biden pushes through more green initiatives. In fact, he has a goal for 100% of our electricity to come from renewable sources by 2035. And one state is already leading the charge toward this new, clean future.

The Crypto Sell-off Is a Buying Opportunity

The crypto market has lost over $900 billion in value, and prices continued to plunge on Friday. In this video, Steve Fernandez looks at some of the negative headwinds that are facing cryptos — and why the sell-off is a potential buying opportunity.


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