On Wednesday, bitcoin lost $1 trillion. Growth stocks took a massive hit.

Does this mark the end of the speculation that’s driven this market for the last year?

I think so, and I explain why in today’s video.

You’ll find out why bitcoin suffered such significant losses and why that spilled over to equities.

You’ll also get answers to the two big questions on everyone’s mind: What comes next … and what should you do?

The Big Unwind

Markets are fitfully rotating away from growth to value stocks. Gone are the days of guaranteed gains from the insubstantial. The new kings on the street are companies who actually generate cash — here and now.

Watch today’s video to discover:

  • The animal spirits mobilizing in the market, and what’s driving them.
  • The hidden dagger that’s silently but regularly drawing blood from the markets … and what you can do to protect your investments from it.
  • The supply/demand equation that’s fed the speculation monster for so long … and what’s changing.
  • And more.

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