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The Ballad Of Curtis D.

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Good evening, Mr. Great Stuff!

BTW, love the newsletter! Anywho, I was curious as to your reasoning about there being no more “stimulus” (or whatever the kids are calling it these days). To quote you: “And there’s no way another round is going to pass Congress. Mark me on this one: Another round of stimulus isn’t coming.” Yes, I’m marking you. I just don’t see how you can trust the Marxists running this country to not send out more “relief.” 

Oh, they may package it by a different name, but we all know what it is. I think that the workers (the people actually doing stuff to keep things running) have had enough of making their overlords rich, and I can’t blame them. So, people are refusing to work because they can make as much, or more, sitting at home, and their backs don’t hurt at the end of the day. There is a certain amount of “demand” for more “stimulus,” which certain factions in government are happy to oblige.

I guess my point is that I don’t see an end to the status quo anytime soon. Workers will refuse to work (unless wages go up), and therefore, supply will lag behind demand. Am I making sense?

Thanks! Curtis D.

Well I used to wake the morning before the market crowed. Searching for stock trades to get myself some dough.

Brought ’em down to Great Stuff, in the e-zine they would go. Write down those trading ideas for a man named Curtis D.

Old Curt was a Great One with white curly hair. When he had a trading idea, he did not have a care.

He used to trade on Robinhood, smartphone upon his knee. I’d give old Curt my Great Stuff and he’d trade all day for me.

Trade me a stock, Curtis D., Curtis D.

Well I got your stock ideas, tune up your portfolio. People said he was useless; them people all were fools.

‘Cause Curtis D. was the finest Great One to ever write the blues.

That’s The Ballad of Curtis Loew by Lynyrd Skynyrd, in case you were wondering. Thanks for writing in, Curtis!

Now that the fun and games are out of the way, you probably want an answer to your question. The answer is simple: The so-called “Marxists” aren’t actually in control.

I mean, they think they’re in control, and they have a decent amount of pull, but they still have to go through the U.S. Senate — a barren landscape filled with the dust and debris of stalled and dead bills.

Right now, the U.S. Senate is divided right down the middle. This means that neither party can achieve its agenda without help from the other side. And we all know how well bipartisanship is working right now. (Hint: It’s not.)

Sure, the Democrats could try to use “Reconciliation” to push through another spending bill. But then … there are a couple Dems in the Senate that aren’t falling in line. Getting those Dems onboard for more relief/stimulus spending seems highly unlikely. After all, they had to be dragged into the last relief bill kicking and screaming.

Now, you’re correct that there’s a certain amount of demand for additional stimulus. But as the U.S. economy reopens, that demand will fade, and pressure on politicians for more aid will die down.

Businesses are already capitulating to calls for higher pay — McDonald’s and Walmart come to mind as examples of companies offering higher wages. There will be more businesses joining the “higher wages” group. Why? Because they want to make money, and they can’t do that without employees.

My point is: I’m convinced that calls for more stimulus will die down as more people find jobs. Sure, we have a ways to go, but we’re already down from more than 20 million unemployed to under 10 million. With less political pressure, there will be less desire to push through another stimulus/relief bill. Given the three-ring circus the last stimulus bill created, I can’t see another one passing with less pressure than before.

And I should clarify here: This is the you, me and the rest of Main Street kind of “stimulus.” Not the “energy revolution” kinda stimulus. That’s still on.

Presidential orders can send certain stocks soaring. And whether you agree or disagree with it, President Biden’s latest $2 trillion proposal is no different.

As you can see in this urgent presentation, Ted Bauman believes it could send one relatively unknown energy stock on a tear. In the past, presidential orders like this have given investors the opportunity to make life-changing amounts of money. And this one is no different.

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Today, we forego our usual pilgrimage of market pitter-patter. We forget the trials and tribulations of the Dow’s fluctuations. Instead, we turn it over to you — well, your emails, at least.

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When You Dip, I Dip … We Dip

Look, it hurt waking up to almost half of my portfolio being gone, but I took the opportunity and not just doubled down, I tripled down. All the major cryptos that you had mentioned, I owned, plus a few others. Shiba is one of my new favorites, so I hope you mention that in your write-ups. — D. D.

Hello Mr. Great Stuff,

Well I have been investing on Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins since 2018, so I have a good cushion, so I still ahead. Although my portfolio is looking very bad from a month ago. But I have diamond hands.

I have been buying. Except this morning, when the price drop to the lowest, Coinbase took a sick leave and left me with dry power to buy more. Even as the writing of this 3:00 on PST, they are still out. No only Coinbase, Kraken and others were also out of business. Technical issues.

We’ll get back, and looking for BTC to get to 100K by the end of the year! Cheers! — José G.

José, D.D., I’ve gathered you both here today for two reasons:

First, congrats! Jeez, you’re already up at least 8.5% if you bought BTC at yesterday’s lows. Good on y’all for sticking with your conviction.

That brings me to point No. 2: There’s still a considerable number of Great Ones in the inbox wondering how in Buffett’s name one could ever put their cash in such funny-money investments. Well, here you go.

I told you: diamond hands. Who do you think keeps buying up BTC every single dip? It ain’t just these two Great Ones.

So Many Initialisms

Hey Mr. GS,

We bought PLUG back in October. Made some money, then sold it when it hit our VQ stop. The stock looks like a potential winner but is down from down for the past month. Is this the best time to buy? Or wait till it starts to show some growth? Read every word you write. Thanks!  — GH from ATL

Oh, GH! If you truly read every word I wrote … you’d need therapy, a long vacation or both. The Great Stuff team has seen (and axed) heaps of what we’ll call “interesting” stuff over the years.

Anyway, Plug Power (Nasdaq: PLUG). I like the stock!

As I said on Saturday, ‘twas a perfect time to get into PLUG if you weren’t in. I mean, there’s still time — mass fleets of hydrogen-powered electric vehicles (EVs) are still a long way off. More on that in a sec.

To me, the damage is done from the sell-off as it pertains to Plug’s restatements. Everyone freaked out about the possibility that growth wouldn’t be as great as we thought, or that Plug’s earnings wouldn’t be as great as we thought, or that…

You get the picture. I presume you tuned in on Monday to see that Plug’s restatements weren’t exactly great (earnings losses widened slightly), but it’s nowhere near as bad as Wall Street’s worrywarts warned. And, frankly, analysts are ready to worry about something else now.

In other words, the “shroud of uncertainty hanging over PLUG shares” is now gone. Game on!

Umm… That’s Not How That Works

If the blockchain is so secure, why is it not being used by companies more to protect themselves from the lowlifes using ransomware to shut down essential services? E.g., current situation with the pipeline. Terry H.

Flabbergasted speechless horizontal meme

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Can’t Stump The Weeshump

Greetings Mr. Great Stuff. Now that my whistle has been wetted regarding the acceleration capabilities of FCVs, I am in due diligence mode on this technology. If other Great Stuffers are trying to get a better understanding of how fuel cells are used to power automobiles, what the fuel tanks look like, how they are filled, what are all the pieces under the hood, etc., etc., there is a YouTube video that covers all those bases and more.

It is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qrFgF0FO70

It was interesting to see that while the FCV shown in the video is indeed powered by hydrogen, there is a lithium-ion battery under the hood as electrical buffer storage.Jeff N.

Dang it, Jeff N., you’re dead right, and I’m half ashamed I didn’t realize it earlier (I just play a fuel cell engineer on TV, you see).

Power flow from hydrogen fuel cells isn’t as stable (right now) as certain vehicles might need. So, a battery would still be needed to keep power flow consistent. Hydrogen’s still new enough that these fuel cells aren’t as sophisticated (again, right now) as everything else we’re used to on the road.

Typically, you’d use capacitors, resistors and whatnot to even out power flow … but EVs powered by hydrogen might need additional backup like a battery. They’d be much smaller batteries, of course, than the monsters everyone else is using right now — which still makes hydrogen-powered vehicles even more eco-friendly than traditional EVs.

Regardless, thank you for opening up my eyes just a bit further. While we’re on the subject of mea culpas…

StarDog Champion

I believe this symbol is AMCX.Brian W.

Nothing slips by Brian’s eagle eye. Nada.

You’re correct: AMC Entertainment (NYSE: AMC) runs a cinema chain and is the source of meme stock celeb status. AMC Networks (Nasdaq: AMCX) is one of the few big-studio content creators still on the market. Until someone gobbles them up too. We’ve hit up both stocks this week, and apparently, I can’t tell my AMC ticker from my elbow. In my defense, though … it was a Monday.

Thanks for writing in, Great sir.

Pssh. Nerds.

Sorry Mr. Great Stuff! If you have one and you get another one, that’s 100%. If you have zero and you get one, that’s an infinite percent increase. I’m just saying. Tim P.

There’s always one of y’all…

You’re right. Me wrong. Me just this word guy — numbers hard. What is this, rag on Mr. Great Stuff day?

Sure, 100% is virtually meaningless when you start with zero. But infinity% is just as meaningless. Unless y’all want to see me claiming “INFINITY PERCENT GAINS!” all up in your Great Stuff, we’ll keep it simple. Plus, I really don’t want a visit from the SEC.

So, I’m going with the Mitch Hedberg rule of thumb: “Two in one is a BS term because one is not big enough to hold two. That’s why two was created.” I’m just saying.

Thanks for chiming in, Tim! (Seriously, thanks — you’re one of the longtime Great Ones we keep hyping up.)

I’ve Heard This One Be-fur

Me again… Hot tip! Just wait until the Cat-Coins finally come on board with the digital clawency ’cause there’s more closet cat people out there just biting their nails in anticipation. T-M aka Granny O’

Closet cat people? The heck are people doing to cats these days? Wait … don’t answer that. Please don’t answer that. I’m better off not knowing.

We know y’all cool cats and kittens are out there. Trust me. We know. Like crypto fans, cat people naturally find other cat people. (Psst psst: It’s the hair. I gave up on constant lint rolling ages ago.)

Also, you get today’s honorary Pun Prize, and I eagerly await more of your crypto-clawency coverage.

And if you’ve got a pun-packed punch to hit us with, by all means, drop us a line right here, right meow: GreatStuffToday@BanyanHill.com.

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Until next time, stay Great!

Joseph Hargett

Editor, Great Stuff