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The Winning Investor Daily is a new publication that you will begin to receive for free alongside your subscription to Sovereign Investor Daily.

I made a big announcement about this last week, but just in case you missed it … allow me to recap the benefits of this new upgrade.

You will start getting Winning Investor Daily every weekday around 10 a.m. Eastern time. (Don’t worry … Sovereign Investor Daily will continue to come out every weekday around 4 p.m. Eastern time.)

Why the new publication?

Simple … Sovereign Investor Daily has always been focused on asset protection, geopolitical events and contrarian investments. But, over the years, we have added a lot of great investment experts on our team who didn’t quite fit the “sovereign” mold … professionals who know how to navigate the tumultuous markets to make winning investments.

And readers like you wanted to hear from them as well.

So, at a great expense to our company, we will be publishing Winning Investor Daily to help you become a “winning investor.” You will receive powerful insight from several experts who you already know and trust … such as Paul and Chad Shoop. You will also hear from Joe Hargett, an experienced investor, and Michael Carr, a Chartered Market Technician who lives off the profits he makes as a professional trader.

I will be writing too, of course.

You will also see new features such as our “Chart of the Day” located at the bottom of this email, along with additional “Trending Stories” that may interest you.

We are truly excited to be publishing Winning Investor Daily.

And the timing could not be better! We are entering new and exciting times … an era under President Donald Trump, an era in which technology moves faster than we can possibly keep up with, and an era when the stock market brings new challenges every day.

With that said, I want to spend today talking about a massive shift in our economy … a new power that will be fueling America’s economy for decades to come.

And It All Starts in an RV Factory

On a trip through Iowa once, I toured a recreational vehicle manufacturer’s operation. You can’t help but be impressed when you watch craftsmen turn a steel chassis into a luxurious, four-wheeled “home away from home” (alongside an equally impressive price tag).

For a couple of decades now, RV makers focused entirely on baby boomers. But lately, I notice a new word popping up in companies’ investor presentations: “millennials.”

This massive generation has the power to drive and change trends — even those once dominated by baby boomers. Their spending potential can drive stocks to new heights, if you know where to look…

Not Your Grandfather’s RV

For instance, what was one of the hottest-selling rec-vehicles last year?

It wasn’t a hulking $150,000 motor coach model, but a humble “towable” — light enough that a millennial buyer can pull it with his or her car.

Then again, this particular model, Thor Industries’ Airstream Basecamp, comes with the kind of design touches most appealing to millennials: a distinctive teardrop look, a wrap-around panorama window, Italian-made cabinets, built-in solar panels and a high-end speaker system.

I’m not suggesting a purchase of any RV makers’ stock, by the way. But an RV is a major discretionary purchase.

So when we see manufacturers building models aimed specifically at millennials, you know they’ve “arrived” as consumers whose influence will only grow in the years to come.

It all points to an investment mega trend that forms the centerpiece of Paul ’s Profits Unlimited newsletter: You can’t afford to ignore the rising power — and investment potential — of this 92-million-strong group of Americans.

Renters No More?

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking about millennials…

How can they possibly be an investment “theme” (or a target consumer group for RV makers or homebuilders, for that matter) when they have mounds of student debt and experience sluggish wage growth, along with all the other challenges that come with being a young adult in an era of slow economic growth?

And yet, they’re making progress.

In a recent study of census data, Fannie Mae noted that among 30 to 33 year olds, more are now homeowners than the same age bracket was before the financial crisis. And those who are ages 28 and 29 are now nearly recovered to the same level of homeownership as in 2006.

The implications of the trend are enormous. There’s a groundswell of first-time homebuyers out there, according to In surveys two years ago, only 35% of homebuyers identified themselves as first-timers. Last year, the same group constituted 51% of its survey. For 2017, the site predicts that first-time millennial homebuyers will make up more than half of all residential purchases in the United States.

It’s just one more demonstration of what Paul notes often in the pages of Profits Unlimited — millennials are well on their way to remaking the economy in their own image.

Kind regards,

JL Yastine
Editorial Director