Last month, one element’s price surged on increasing demand for its use in everything from electric vehicles (EV) to medical research.

It’s vital in fighting so many ailments that Matt Badiali nicknamed it “the anti-element.”

Its price broke higher in June … and the metal is finding room to pop even higher in July.

This green rock’s bountiful properties mean it could be your “everything play” in 2019.

But its volatile shifts are sounding alarms on Wall Street.

If you follow Matt’s research, you know he believes in finding great opportunities when most investors are selling.

He maintains that this element will set off a massive bull market by year’s end. And it will only grow over the next decade!

Matt has spent his career tracking the most profitable cycles in natural resources.

And he’s eyeing four ways to invest in this element before its price skyrockets.

His Real Wealth Strategist readers have already grabbed huge gains on miners over the past two years. They collected a 99% gain on one back in January.

In 2018, they collected even more double-digit returns from a handful of companies.

Now, Matt plans to bring his readers even bigger gains in the sector.

He’s discovered one mining company set to excavate more of the green rock from one of the largest deposits in the world!

He’s also identified three more companies that he expects to soar when the EV revolution causes a supply crisis.

Any one of these could bring you triple-digit gains in the months ahead.

Stay tuned to Winning Investor Daily. On Monday, Matt’s going to reveal what this green rock is … and how you can get in on the four top companies he identified!

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you! Do you think you know what element Matt’s recommending to play the EV boom?

Write to to let us know!

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