Just in time for the Fourth of July holiday weekend, we got what seemed like fantastic news.

The number of new jobs added over several weeks last month blew away forecasts in dramatic fashion … economic fireworks to kick-off Independence Day celebrations?

Not so fast.

As Ted explains in today’s video, the report — which was a snapshot of activity right before states started rolling back reopening — came at the worst possible time … and it threatens the only thing holding this recovery together.

A Perfect Storm

The celebratory headlines create a big obstacle to passing more stimulus for an economy that is still hurting.

What’s more, it turns out the jobs report was misleading to begin with. The number of Americans who filed for unemployment benefits also beat analyst estimates.

In this week’s video, Ted explains exactly what kind of miracle you need to see to know the recovery is back on track.

Today you’ll discover:

  • What these developments mean for your stock portfolio … and what types of stocks you need to buy now to prepare. (14:02-15:20)
  • The charts that show this recovery is propped up by stimulus checks … and the shocking reality about what will happen if those don’t keep coming. (5:51-10:48)
  • Why it will take a miracle for politicians in Washington to pass more stimulus in time to save the economy. (10:48-14:02)

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