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2020 Stock Market Predictions Avoid 2020 Stock Market Predictions: 2 Rules You Should Follow When You Invest Making an accurate prediction about the stock market is extremely difficult. Even the most successful investors and hedge fund managers get it wrong. Charles Mizrahi talks about why he avoids making predictions and even listening to them, and he gives you two simple rules you can follow to make money in the stock market. (7-minute video)
2019 Recap: 7 Free Winning Trades in Tech, Retail, Miners and More Today, we want to highlight seven gains you’re making if you’ve been following Winning Investor Daily this year — all while the market whipsaws based on the news cycle. We’ll show how you can grab steady gains from different sectors of the market — free. Because if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, you’re missing out.
1 Way to Gauge a Company’s Future Before Investing — Ex: Boeing 737 Max The Boeing 737 Max jet caused two fatal accidents only five months apart. As a result, the company is under intense scrutiny. Headlines announce the stern and uncertain outlook for the company. Charles Mizrahi disagrees with Wall Street’s reaction to the headlines, and he discusses the one question you should always ask as a sensible investor. (6-minute video)
Tesla's Q3 Earnings Tesla’s Q3 Earnings: Slowing Sales and Free Cash Flow Drop Tesla’s stock rose by 20% last Wednesday, after the company reported earnings. Headlines touted about the surprising profits for the tech giant. But Charles Mizrahi knows to look beyond the headline hype. He breaks down Tesla’s earnings report for the third quarter of 2019 — and he shows you what the numbers say. (6-minute video)
Working-Class Folks Turned Millionaires — Here’s How They Did It It’s easy to understand how to invest in the stock market, but many find it much more difficult to do. Charles Mizrahi talks about the success stories of three working-class people who made millions by doing simple things, and he shares four tips on how you can do it too. (6-minute video)

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