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Great Stuff’s Some Kind Of Monster

Gather ‘round, Great Ones, the Sunday simmer-down is about to begin!

Remember, we’re taking each and every Sunday from now until eternity to, well, simmer down. We’ll unwind and relax and check out some of the nifty stuff you might’ve missed from around Banyan Hill in the past week.

It’s a grand ol’ time … and you’re invited. You can catch up on our last Simmer-Down Sunday right here. And the Sunday before that, too! Magic.

But, as much as I’d like this to devolve into a recap of a recap of a recap … we must move on to greater and greater stuff.

Joe, Mr. Great Stuff himself, is away on a very important assignment — so important that we here at Great Stuff HQ have been sworn to secrecy on the whole shebang.

Thing is, we’re really bad at keeping secrets, so … now you know. Mr. Great Stuff is working on a project that you Great Ones will get the first peek at once Joe’s all set and ready — a little surprise before the month’s out, if we’re lucky!

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But in the meantime, Joe’s off the grid, down in his private laboratory where no one shall catch sight of his secret creation before the time is right.

Is … is Joe becoming Dr. Frankenstein?

Well, he prefers FRONK-en-steen, actually. I told you October was full of spooky surprises — and not just the melted Hershey’s Kiss you accidentally sat on yesterday. That happens to you, too … right?

Anyway, this next week until Joe’s back, the patients have control of the Great Stuff asylum. The gang of merry pranksters is running amok!

Amok! Amok! Amok!

Before we start another week of our rip-roaring romp through the market, please help yourself to some extra-special Greatness from Banyan Hill down below.

Check out the week’s wrap-up below, and let us know what you think in the inbox!

Pleasure Losing With You Titanic Meme

Mollifying Mr. Market  

Have you found yourself running for the hills over recent market volatility? Rather than seeking shelter when the market goes helter-skelter, follow Charles Mizrahi’s moneymaking advice instead.


Morpheus Matrix Battery PRL Black Magic Meme

 Another Battery Stock? I’ve Got No Energy For This  

If I asked you to picture a battery, an old Duracell might come to mind. But there’s a new battery bad@&& in town — and it’s disrupting the entire energy market.



NFT I Quit Wolf of Wall Street Meme

Ethereum’s Non-Fungible Foe

Resident crypto crusader Ian King says Ethereum’s empire is under attack. A new NFT is in town, and it could eviscerate Ethereum with its faster transaction validations.


Love It When You Call Me Big Data Biggie Meme

Notorious B.I.G. Data 

A new data-refining process can turn the world’s “unstructured” data into usable information, and it’s revolutionizing every industry on the planet.



Hyzon Motors Blue Orca Granny Reading Meme

Hyzon Motors Whales On Blue Orca Capital

Hyzon Motors had a whale of a time krilling Blue Orca’s short-selling report. But will the old blowhard splash back?



Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Great Ones! We’ll be back with you tomorrow to … well … do it all over again.

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Until next time, stay Great!

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