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lithium Albemarle Nirvana smiley logo meme small Albemarle Comes In Like a Li-Ion
by Joseph Hargett October 2, 2021 Great Stuff
What’s The Deal With Albemarle? I’m so happy, ‘cause today I found my kicks … at Great Stuff Picks. I’m so ugly, that’s okay ‘cause I’m in print … and some of you squint. Light my candles in a daze with Albemarle (NYSE: )! Yeah, yeah! Oh, I get it! “Lithium” by Nirvana because Albemarle […]
Casinos Are Back — 1 Safe Bet for 26% Gains Some casinos that have reopened have hosted gamblers from halfway across the country. And with more people playing, I’m looking at one casino stock.
electric vehicle boom will take over china U.S. Automakers Will Dominate China’s Electric Vehicle Boom The largest Chinese electric vehicle (EV) companies are stumbling. But Chinese EV consumers are warming up to U.S. automakers.
Fuel cell technology is a massive disruptive trend that has escaped most investors’ attention. Invest in Fuel Cell Technology’s Massive Opportunity Fuel cell technology is a massive disruptive trend that has escaped most investors’ attention.
Investors who pick the right lithium stocks can make fortunes due to the future of electric vehicles. You need to get busy in this space. Or get left behind. The Squeeze of the Metal Fist
by Sean Brodrick January 18, 2018 Commodities
The squeeze in lithium supply is acute. The price of lithium has increased threefold since 2014. And on Tuesday, somebody stepped on the gas again.

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