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The Nasdaq just hit an all-time high. Why not the Dow or the S&P 500? Why isn’t Wall Street’s old guard leading this Fed-fueled rally? The Future Is Now: Nasdaq Necks New Highs
by Joseph Hargett June 4, 2020 Great Stuff
Why the Nasdaq? Something astounding happened today, dear reader. The Nasdaq Composite just broke out to fresh all-time highs. You’re probably questioning why any part of the market is hitting all-time highs when weekly jobless claims and total unemployment figures still come in worse than expected. Or, for that matter, why stocks are rallying at […]
The U.S. Senate just passed a new $484 billion pandemic relief bill. I was just thinking that I wasn’t stimulated enough. Oilers Upset; Nothin’ Streamin’ but Debt
by Joseph Hargett April 22, 2020 Great Stuff
Much Ado About Nothing? For the past several days, Wall Street fretted over plunging oil prices. Well, Wall Street was concerned for a while … the financial media just decided it was finally time to take notice. In classic financial media form, however, it appears that the hype surrounding negative oil prices actually prompted a […]
As hopeful as you want to be … as hopeful as Wall Street wants to be … we aren't close to getting past the worst of the spread. 3.28 Million Lost; Micron Moves; Cheesecake Blues
by Joseph Hargett March 26, 2020 Great Stuff
Denial, Seems It Had to Come I warned you it was coming. I warned you it’d be bad. Relied on me to say it all. (Any Sevendust fans out there? No? Oh well…) Weekly jobless claims arrived today, and they were record-breaking. The U.S. Department of Labor reported that 3.28 million Americans filed for unemployment […]
The Fed’s emergency rate cut sent a message to Wall Street, but it’s not the message of hope that Fed Chair Jerome Powell thinks he sent. Powell Panics; AMD’s Frantic; Tesla Analysts Are Manic
by Joseph Hargett March 3, 2020 Great Stuff
Powell’s Panic at the Disco I originally wrote a nice Shakespearean Hamlet dissertation on “to buy, or not to buy?” in the current market environment. It was peppered with references, such as “suffering the slings and arrows of an uncertain market” and “taking up arms to go bargain-hunting in a sea of troubles.” It was […]
America 2.0’s “Sleeper Sector” — Best Stocks for 2020 This “sleeper sector” is about to get a huge wake-up call and is the best place to put your money as America 2.0 unfolds.


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