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Latest Insights on AAPL

When it comes to stock market doom and gloom, don’t be afraid of the bears when they roar … be afraid when they’re silent. More Roaring Bears; Netflix Puts on Airs; Apple Doesn’t Care by Joseph Hargett
January 17, 2020 Great Stuff
Friday Four Play: The “Big FAANG-y Teeth” Edition Before we get started today, I want to remind you that Great Stuff will be closed on Monday, January 20. It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and the market is closed. I’ll be enjoying my day off, and I suggest you do the same! With the pleasantries […]
Why are award shows still a thing? Netflix and Disney show why this ancient Hollywood ritual doesn’t matter anymore. Netflix Catches the Golden Snub by Joseph Hargett
January 7, 2020 Great Stuff
Hollywood’s Irrelevant Awards So, the Golden Globes happened this weekend … and nobody cared. Granted, the award show happened in the middle of the U.S.-Iran escalation, so not many people were paying attention anyway. But now that the situation with Iran is starting to die down a bit on Wall Street … nope. No one […]
The wait is finally over. Today, Great Stuff reveals the four stocks that you must own for 2020 and beyond. 4 Stocks to Buy Before the Ball Drops by Joseph Hargett
December 31, 2019 Great Stuff
Great Stuff Picks: The “Simply the Best” Edition By this point, everyone and their mother has offered up an opinion on the best stocks to own for 2020. Everyone, that is, except Great Stuff… Well, the wait is finally over. Today, I reveal the four stocks that you must own for 2020 and beyond. This […]
While you contemplate Chinese pork, Great Stuff will take a holiday break. Boeing’s New Digs; China Seeks Pigs by Joseph Hargett
December 23, 2019 Great Stuff
It’s Time to Pig Out on China Forget the bull market … it’s time to look at the pig market! Starting in January, China is cutting import tariffs on more than 850 products. Those products will range from avocados (Do the Chinese do avocado toast too?) to semiconductors to pork. Diving into a few key […]
The market is going to the moon in 2020 … well, at least halfway, according to Piper Jaffray. Go Bull or Bust; Netflix Is Mr. Worldwide by Joseph Hargett
December 17, 2019 Great Stuff
Go Bull or Go Broke Now that we have some semblance of a trade deal with China — or an anti-tariff deal, as I like to call it — we can truly focus on the case for a bull market in 2020. Yes, Great Stuff — your occasional harbinger of market doom — is looking […]


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