“Money doesn’t disappear … it just changes hands.”

That old adage is about to ring incredibly true, especially in today’s market.

Why? Well…

Artificial intelligence is set to add $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

AI has infiltrated every corner of the market, from entertainment and business automation to finance, and even health care.

The power of AI has been no more evident than in the last two years … since this mega trend has been propping up the stock market.

Think of Nvidia…

The company that’s gone from being a modest microchip maker for 3D graphics in the ‘90s, to now — one of the biggest AI chipmakers in the market.

In just a few short years, Nvidia has managed to break into the Magnificent Seven of tech stocks.

Microsoft has also heavily invested in the AI game with OpenAI (the company that produced ChatGPT).

While Google now has its generative AI platform, “Gemini.”

Aside from Amazon’s wealth of AI-based “Smart Home” devices, the company just recently announced its Amazon Q: “a generative AI-powered assistant for businesses and developers.”

And yet, even with all of these Big Tech companies striving to innovate with AI, one company seemingly has yet to throw its hat into the ring.

That’s likely all about to change today at 1 p.m. ET.

As I said on Tuesday, Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), a top contender of Magnificent Seven companies, could be about to unveil its AI strategy at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)…

I believe executives from Apple will make their most exciting announcement since Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone.

They’ll be revealing their big plans for AI: a new “AiPhone.”

This, of course, would mark AI’s true “iPhone Moment”…

And it would also change the landscape of the entire market, just like the release and subsequent mass adoption of the iPhone essentially bankrupted Blackberry.

It consumed other companies as well, just like this AI iPhone could do the same for countless other AI stocks…

But it could also make massive winners out of others.

📈 CHART OF THE DAY: Apple’s Next Big Thing

When Apple launched the first iPhone in 2007, it rendered its own invention, the iPod, obsolete.

But in the 17 years since then, (love it or hate it) Apple has remained a tech giant by always searching for, and then capitalizing on the Next Big Thing.

Apple's Constant Search for the Next Big Thing

Apple may not have been the first one to invent touchscreen phones or interactive user interfaces.

But when Apple gets there, it creates products that last in the hands of consumers…

That’s because the company’s model for making money is three-fold:

No. 1 — Apple identifies a red-hot mega trend.

Just like the iPod changed the game for MP3 players, and the iPhone improved on what companies like Blackberry had done, Apple finds a trend that’s already picking up steam…

And it aims to do it better.

No. 2 — Apple creates a product that dominates the competition.

Apple products

From the iPad to the Apple Watch, the Macbook Pro to AirPods and more, these products dominate their respective markets.

Whether you prefer Android products and tablets over Apple, that really just comes down to the age-old debate: Apple or Windows.

That’s just personal preference.

But Apple wouldn’t have become inducted into the Magnificent Seven if people didn’t like its products. They’re an ecosystem in themselves, from compatibility with other Apple devices to their apps-based user interface.

Apple creates products that are beautifully sleek and streamlined, durable and easy to use.

Most importantly, they connect consumers with the mega trend they’re focused on.

And this leads us to the clincher…

No. 3 — Apple’s products lead to mass adoption.

Apple logo

An iPhone is a universally, globally recognized product.

It’s made that bitten apple logo into an icon, like the Nike swoosh.

The advent of the iPhone also changed the game for mobile phones forever. Apple’s desktops, laptops and earbuds remain top sellers for the same reason.

But all of this is just part of the reason why I believe Apple’s potential upcoming AI announcement (an AI iPhone?) could once again cause major market disruption.

For the rest of my research on this…

And on three new trades positioned to profit from Apple’s latest development…

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Happy Monday!

Ian King
Editor, Strategic Fortunes