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Latest Insights on USB

Live Like the Jetsons With Mira Robotics Housekeeping Robot It looks like The Jetsons’ robotic housekeeping technology is steadily becoming available to us today.
Thoughts on Thanksgiving Day, Past and Present
by Bob Bauman November 22, 2018 Government & Politics
Thanksgiving always has been a day to pause and consider our blessings as Americans, to consider what unites us, not to dwell on what divides us.
Buy This RV Stock and Drive Away With Profits The recreational vehicle (RV) industry has a national economic impact of $50 billion. Overall, RV camping is a popular pastime … and a lucrative investment.
Not Even the Royal Family Is Safe From the IRS The recent royal wedding — between an American and a Brit — offers some lessons about how we Americans are taxed when we live and marry abroad.
Alexa Recording The Spy in Your Living Room If I had to compare the Amazon Echo to something, I’d say it’s like having a live-in research assistant. Sounds helpful, right? It does. But … it also sounds incredibly creepy.

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