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Friday the 13th Could Turn Into a Horror Film for the Market With all of the volatility we have seen of late, and with this quarter expected to reflect the benefits of the tax cuts, I hope this Friday doesn’t turn into a horror film for the market.
This Biotech Billionaire Loves This Risky Stock There is a chance you will lose money if you buy today’s stock. But if you’re willing to take on a little risk, I have an opportunity for you that could be very profitable.
A Lack of Fear Means the End of the Bull Market Is Near
by Michael Carr April 11, 2018 Economy
A bull market climbs a wall of worry. This means prices rise when traders worry. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of traders worrying right now.
Veterans’ Scandal-Ridden Health Care Is Still a Disaster The Veteran Affairs crisis provides a cautionary example of what happens when nervous Washington politicians try to micromanage a medical system.
Why Mexico Needs U.S. Gasoline With talks of the U.S. losing in trade deals, there is a surprising victory with our southern neighbor. To understand why, we have to take a couple steps back...

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