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As jobless claims continue to soar, Wall Street’s sliver lining is “at least they aren’t soaring more.” Jobs on the Line; Peloton’s Doing Fine
by Joseph Hargett May 7, 2020 Great Stuff
Wall Street’s Breaking Bad This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays. — Arthur Dent, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Indeed, it is Thursday, dear reader. And you know what that means … weekly unemployment claims and a market rally. (More optimistically, it’s also Reader Feedback day! Read on…) The […]
Trump requested $237 million for quantum computing. Now that’s a horse (and a tech mega trend) of a different color. Quantum Investing; Beyond Retail; Wayfail; Shwedy Security
by Joseph Hargett April 27, 2020 Great Stuff
A Quantum Leap Today, dear readers, we take off our quarantine masks and put on our thinking caps. Well … figuratively speaking, at least. Keep those masks on for now, please. Why our thinking caps? Because President Trump’s 2021 budget requests $237 million in funding for quantum computing. Roughly $25 million of that budget request […]
Get the New Class of America 2.0 Stocks The sheer velocity of their rebound will SHOCK and STUN the naysayers. But we at Bold Profits will be far ahead of the earnings curve.
Warren Buffett Copy Warren Buffett Today … Make Big Money Tomorrow You would think Berkshire Hathaway would be investing right now. But it isn’t. And it’s a great reminder that you don’t have to do anything right now.
Invest in the Space Race With 3D Printing for Triple-Digit Gains 3D printing is boldly going where no printer has gone before: space. Your way in for profits before NASA sets this America 2.0 mega trend soaring.


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