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bernie sanders socialism Trigger Warning: Bernie’s Socialism for the Rich
by Ted Bauman November 19, 2021 Bauman Daily, News, U.S. Economy
Considerations of subsidy, cost and tax dominate public debate around U.S. social spending. People like Bernie Sanders and AOC want the government to pay more of the excessive costs of life in the United States, which are far higher than our peers. But that doesn’t address why these things are so expensive in the first place — and why they will get even more expensive if the government starts to subsidize them. Building on my longstanding interest in market structure and public policy, in today’s video — sure to be controversial! — I explain why the most progressive approach to solving America’s problems is in some ways the most conservative one.
Tesla $10 Trillion … Just You Wait [SPECIAL IanCast] Tesla (TSLA) becoming a $1 trillion company was “crazy.” Well, here we are. And next up: Tesla $10 trillion … in three to four years!
This Profit Radar Called the Energy Boom 3 Months Early This Profit Radar Called the Energy Boom 3 Months Early Mike Carr dives into the power of radar — whether it's used to detect speeding cars, incoming aircraft, or insane profit opportunities...
cannabis stocks When to Buy Pot Stocks? In 2020, global cannabis revenue reached $21 billion and is projected to more than double to $55.9 billion by 2026.
How My Profit Radar Scored 2 Triple-Digit Gains in 72 Hours How My Profit Radar Scored 2 Triple-Digit Gains in 72 Hours
by Chad Shoop November 18, 2021 Stocks, True Options Masters
Chad revisits two triple-digit gains his Profit Radar detected in early October: 141% on DIA and 129% on CAT... both in under three days.

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- Suzie M.

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