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Buy Today: The Only Industry Guaranteed to Go up in the Next 5 Years (6-minute video) Charles Mizrahi doesn’t waste your time by guessing. He shares his winning strategy in today’s video.
My Message From Ground Zero: Invest Right Now The coronavirus kicked New York City right in the teeth. Right now, it’s experiencing a shortage of beds, ventilators and testing kits in response to this pandemic. But Charles Mizrahi explains why New Yorkers are an optimistic people, and how our nation will figure out a way forward sooner rather than later.
Start Swinging: COVID-19 Just Threw Us a Fat Pitch Successful investors play the long game and don’t concern themselves with day-to-day market gyrations. In fact, coronavirus fears are creating several “fat pitches” for investors to take advantage of. Charles Mizrahi will show you why investing in these fat pitches is the way to make big money in the markets — and why you’ll need to act quickly to profit from them.
Buffett Is Right About the Coronavirus … Don’t Let It Infect Your Portfolio The coronavirus finally hit Wall Street … and investors are in an outright panic. But don’t get spooked into selling your stocks. Falling prices just mean that we can buy great businesses at even better prices. Charles Mizrahi shares why it pays to be a rational investor during periods of volatility.
david and goliath amazon Amazon’s $1 Trillion Playbook: How to Buy the Next Market Disruptor Today, Amazon and Netflix are known as industry disruptors. But in their early days, they were considered underdogs going up against giant brick-and-mortar retail chains. Today, Charles Mizrahi uncovers the one secret that underpins “underdogs” such as Netflix and Amazon.

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“I started with $215,000 in Nov. 2018, It is now over 800,000. So very happy with Banyan Hill Publishing.”

- Larry K.

“Thirteen of my positions are up well over 50% in less than a year since joining your service. Two are in the triple digits with several close behind. My personal money manager, who works for one of the largest banks in the country, is envious of my gains. I never dreamed this was possible. My trips to China to teach English to young Chinese students is now much more affordable. Thank you for your dedication and help.”

- Chris K.

“At the end of August [2018], my 401K was $659,000. Now, on September 4th [2018], it’s $715,000. My account is up $56,000 in the last 5 days!”

- Warren O

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