Founded in 1998, we quickly established ourselves as the premier global asset protection and investment organization founded on the ideals of self-reliance and sovereignty. We provided our readers advice on global investment strategies, diversification from the U.S. dollar, the establishment and operation of offshore bank accounts, asset protection trusts, international business corporations, private foundations, second citizenships and foreign residency, as well as practical safeguards for personal and financial privacy.

In 2016, we became Banyan Hill Publishing and refocused our efforts to prioritize U.S.-based investment opportunities such as commodities and natural resources, small- and mid-cap stocks, income-producing investments, option plays and deeply undervalued domestic companies. Today, as one of the fastest-growing publishers of independent investment advice in the world, we have nearly 700,000 daily readers relying on our panel of experts to safely and profitably grow their wealth.

To kick off the new year, we’ve relaunched Sovereign Investor Daily under the name Smart Profits Daily and updated its look. We hope you enjoy it. We’ll continue to provide you with the same great content and analysis in 2020, so stay tuned. We’re excited to take on the new year with you.

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Jessica Cohn – Editorial Director