Jessica Cohn

Jessica Cohn has spent over half a decade working behind the scenes at Banyan Hill Publishing. As editorial director, she manages a team of about 20 editors, helping to bring Banyan Hill’s 700,000 readers the best options for safer, smarter and more profitable investments.

After graduating from Florida Atlantic University with an English degree, she quickly realized her passion for the financial publishing industry — how it helps Main Street Americans access insights typically reserved for Wall Street insiders.

Now, in addition to working closely with financial experts such as Paul Mampilly, Ted Bauman, Matt Badiali, Charles Mizrahi, Jeff L. Yastine and more, she is also a regular contributor to Sovereign Investor Daily.

Sovereign Investor Daily focuses on growing and protecting your wealth — covering topics such as value investing, asset protection and coming economic trends. To sign up, just click here.


Jessica Cohn
Editorial Director