Matt Badiali and Anthony Planas recommend the most valuable natural resource stocks in Real Wealth Strategist.

Back in December, the S&P 500 posted its worst annual decline since 2008.

Wall Street panicked. Many analysts were convinced it was time to brace for a steeper decline.

But Matt and Anthony know that there is always a bull market somewhere. You just have to know where to look.

So, they recommended a stock with global reach in a billion-dollar sector that same month.

It only took a month for the stock to surge. And their readers closed out half of their positions for a huge 64% return!

Through all the volatility, their readers reached out to thank them for their guidance.

Michelle wrote in to say:

Dear Anthony: As a new subscriber to Real Wealth Strategist, I just want to say thank you to you (and Matt). …Being a subscriber of Banyan Hill Publishing continues to be empowering and enriching. I thoroughly enjoy your communication, which is written in easy-to-understand language so that the knowledge can be effectively applied to gain desired results. …Muchas gracias for all that you do to help the 99% gain the knowledge needed to build sustainable wealth!

And Louis explained how some well-timed trades can change your whole financial outlook:

I came in on hard times. …In 1999, I lost everything. After picking up the pieces that were left, I managed to squirrel away $20,000 for risky but smart investing. …Thanks to you and Anthony … my $20,000 is now $23,000 to $24,000. And this is just since October, when everyone else lost A LOT of money. People usually wait two years for that kind of return!

Matt and Anthony always appreciate reading your words of support. We here at Winning Investor Daily also want to extend our thanks to you for sharing your stories.

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And Chad Shoop explains why you should jump into health care’s profitable four-month rally now. He explains why his research shows the sector will rally by 20% before July! Click here to watch Chad’s video.

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