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  • Americans are shopping more, but retail companies’ earnings this week were spotty.
  • Target was a standout, and our readers locked in a 198% gain on the stock this week!

Last week, the markets enjoyed another winning week.

For the first time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average surpassed 28,000.

The U.S. Department of Commerce reported that retail sales were up 0.3% in October — and 3.1% higher than a year ago.

Americans are spending more.

But this week, the Dow fell steadily.

And despite our increased spending, retail companies’ report cards — their third-quarter earnings — were spotty.

Take a look:

Target was the standout.

A 198% Gain on Target This Week!

Chartered Market Technician Chad Shoop had his readers in a position to profit.

They closed an open position for a 198% gain after the earnings announcement. Then Chad advised his readers to jump right back into a position in Target to benefit from the big-box retailer’s future bullish action.

In fact, they’ve closed their last five trades for triple-digit gains!

In addition to their big win with Target, Chad’s readers made:

  • Roughly a 100% gain on KSU.
  • Another 100% gain on LRCX.
  • A 135% gain on TSLA.
  • And a 180% gain on NVDA.

This is quite simply the best track record at our company.

Four of those five gains were in November!


Given Chad’s record of successfully closing a triple-digit gain virtually every month on average for the last three years, he shows no signs of stopping.

You see, this system is based around earnings. Chad watches 80 companies. After analyzing the historical data, he recommends positions based on companies’ post-earnings “drift.”

As you can see in the case of Target — and his four other recent gains — this system knocks it out of the park!

And just a heads-up…

He has a new trade recommendation lined up for next Tuesday.

We can only keep the special offer to access this groundbreaking strategy open for two more days.

So don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This is your chance to get into his next triple-digit opportunity.

Real Wealth Strategist Editor Matt Badiali was so impressed with Chad’s research and track record that he recorded a special video that explains what makes this strategy so unique and successful.

Check it out!

You can join readers like Greg L., who wrote to Chad on Thursday:

Next week, Chad will be watching three companies for an entry point — and five more companies on his watch list are set to report third-quarter earnings!

Good investing,

Kristen Barrett

Senior Managing Editor, Winning Investor Daily

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