Consumer spending has provided a lift for the U.S. economy and a recession-proof ETF would be a nice change of pace.

The latest gross domestic product report shows consumer spending is up 2.9%, which is on the heels of a 4.6% jump in the second quarter.

Even more importantly, consumer confidence is growing strongly outside the U.S. despite ongoing trade conflicts.

The chart below shows global consumer confidence, where a reading above 100 is considered positive. At 107, the index remains near historically high levels.

This Recession-Proof ETF Just Got a Big Boost

Countries in the Asia-Pacific region rank among the most confident, which is of great significance.

That’s because the region’s growing middle class could add nearly $8 trillion to spending levels by 2022 relative to just a few years ago, according to a report from the Brookings Institution.

And even if consumers need to cut back on spending, they will still need basic goods.

That’s why you should pick up shares of the iShares Global Consumer Staples ETF (NYSE: KXI).

This exchange-traded fund (ETF) lets you profit from increasing global consumer spending on the basic necessities.

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