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About Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill Publishing is a network of global experts in asset protection, investing and entrepreneurship who have united together to help hardworking Americans obtain the freedom of “total wealth” — the ability to make your own financial decisions, grow your wealth with less risk and be free from the financial concerns that plague so many of us.

In today’s world, you really have only two choices when it comes to investing and asset protection. You can either go to a financial advisor who peddles his company’s plain-vanilla advice, charging you exorbitant fees every step of the way. Or you can invest on your own, without any help, and try to make sense of a topsy-turvy financial world on top of everything else you do. Neither choice is acceptable. Both are extremely dangerous.

That’s why, at Banyan Hill Publishing, we offer you a third choice. A better way for you to protect and grow your wealth.

We give you the chance to tap into the minds of our esteemed experts and look over their shoulders, adopting the same strategies they’ve used to grow and protect their own wealth.

Our experts have managed hedge funds. Traveled the world. Counseled presidents and world leaders. Written bestselling financial books. And helped millions take control of their financial destiny. With backgrounds in technical analysis, business management and financial planning, we can help you achieve a higher level of financial success without unnecessary risk.

Our methods will often seem unconventional, even unorthodox, compared to the mainstream news and financial media, and that is because they are. We’ll reveal opportunities very few people even know exist, and that’s exactly what makes them so profitable.

Like a banyan tree, we’ll give you the extra support you need. We’ll be the pillars for your financial well-being, and with our expert research, you will set yourself up to survive and prosper, no matter what Wall Street, Washington, D.C. or the invisible hand throws your way.

Together, we’ll help you achieve great things and set you on a path to discover the freedom of total wealth.

Banyan Hill’s Financial Experts

Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an American investor and former hedge fund manager, who has been featured on CNBC, Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV. He is the founder of popular investment newsletter Profits Unlimited, where he uses his skills, experience and knowledge as a former Wall Street insider to guide his more than 130,000 subscribers into stocks that are primed to shoot higher.

In addition to writing Profits Unlimited, Paul manages six more elite trading services: Extreme FortunesTrue MomentumRapid Profit TraderThe $10 Million PortfolioRebound Profit Trader and IPO Speculator. He is also a featured contributor of our free newsletter, Bold Profits Daily.

Learn more about Paul here.

Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi’s impeccable reputation began on the trading floor of the New York Futures Exchange at the age of 20. Not long after that, he moved on to become a wildly successful money manager. Charles was ranked the No. 1-performing market timer — not just on Wall Street but in the entire United States — based on the actual performance of client accounts. Barron’s also ranked Charles as the No. 1 commodity trading adviser. Charles’ dedication to providing readers with information that will take their portfolios to the next level led him to write his highly acclaimed book, Getting Started in Value Investing (Wiley). It’s also why he launched the Alpha Investor and 8-Figure Fortunes trading services at Banyan Hill Publishing, and why he publishes a weekly article for Winning Investor Daily.

Learn more about Charles here.

Ted Bauman

During the 2000s, Ted worked as a consultant, researching and writing extensively on finance, housing and urban planning issues for clients as diverse as the United Nations, the World Bank, the South African government and European grant-making agencies. In 2008, he returned to the U.S. where he served as Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International. Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013 and serves as the editor of The Bauman LetterBauman Daily, the 10X Project and Alpha Stock Alert.

Ted has spent his entire life helping people secure and keep their wealth … and their freedom and independence … starting with himself. Banyan Hill is a natural extension of his quest. 

Learn more about Ted here.

Chad Shoop, CMT

Chad is our in-house income and investment research expert. He earned two bachelor’s degrees from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in finance and economics. In addition to these achievements, he is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT). Fewer than 5,000 people around the world have earned this designation. Those with CMT designation read and build statistical models that make up a valid trading strategy. Chad developed three trading systems that readers of Banyan Hill have used to grow their wealth. Chad joined Banyan Hill in 2012 and runs many successful trading programs using various stock trading strategies. He ran our top-performing service in 2016, Pure Income. Chad’s other services include Automatic Profits Alert and Quick Hit Profits. Chad also contributes to our daily newsletter, Winning Investor Daily. He shares his market insights every week.

Learn more about Chad here.

Ian King

Ian King is a former hedge fund manager with over two decades of experience trading and analyzing the financial markets. His market insights have been featured on Fox Business News, Investopedia, Zero Hedge and Seeking Alpha. At 21, King started in the mortgage bond trading department at Salomon Brothers. He then spent time honing his skills in trading at Citigroup before spending a decade at New York-based hedge fund Peahi Capital. In 2017, he came to Banyan Hill Publishing to help our readers get ahead of the markets. He currently has two services: Automatic Fortunes and Crypto Profit Trader. Ian’s newsletter, Automatic Fortunes, identifies trends or massive developments that are set to trigger a technological revolution. Crypto Profit Trader is an investment advisory that pinpoints winning crypto trends with a unique, three-part trading strategy. He is also a weekly contributor to Banyan Hill’s Smart Profits Daily — keeping readers apprised of the latest tech trends and investment opportunities.

Learn more about Ian here.

Michael Carr, CMT, CFTE

Michael Carr is an American investor, a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), an internationally recognized Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) and a contributing editor for Smart Profits Daily. He is a longtime member of the Chartered Market Technicians Association. He offers three services. The first is Peak Velocity Trader, which uses a custom designed indicator to profit from momentum shifts. The next is Precision Profits, which capitalizes on time-tested seasonal trends. He’s invested decades of research, and thousands of his own capital, into thoroughly testing these proprietary systems. In the end, both have proven they can deliver consistent triple-digit gains in as little as two months, two weeks … and sometimes days. His latest service, One Trade, targets options only on the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF Trust (DIA) for a chance to make gains of 100% or more every week.

Learn more about Michael here.

Brian Christopher

Brian Christopher is the editor of Profit Line, where he identifies lucrative trades before Wall Street’s computer algorithms. This gives him an edge to determine solid stock investments for his subscribers. Brian also helms Flow Matrix Alert, an options trading service that gives readers the chance to double their money every 60 days.

Originally from the Midwest, Brian also has an impressive background in finance. He served as the expatriate controller for a Fortune 100 company. He also advised companies, attorneys and banks as a turnaround consultant for 12 years. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago, is a certified public accountant and is certified in financial forensics. Brian uses his experience and passion for investing to find undervalued companies set to make big moves. He shares these opportunities weekly in the free e-letter, Smart Profits Daily.

Learn more about Brian here.

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