The New Gold Rush: Insurance Against the Collapse


I get this question all the time from people: Why should I bother owning physical gold or any other precious metal like silver or platinum?

What’s my answer? I tell them owning precious metals is an insurance policy, plain and simple. And with central banks doing what they do best — dropping interest rates down to zero and putting the money printing presses into overdrive — boy, do we need some insurance these days.

Think about it. Let’s use another kind of wealth protection — fire insurance — as an example.

Records from the National Fire Protection Association tell us that, back in 1977, there were more than 723,000 house fires. A decade later, thanks to the increasing use of smoke alarms and flame-retardant building materials, the incidence of such blazes fell by 25% to 536,000 house fires. Nearly four decades afterward, and the number of home fires continues to decline by nearly 50%.

Yet we continue buying fire insurance for our homes (and renter’s insurance if we’re leasing). Why? After all, the odds of having a fire are lower now than they’ve ever been.

Our reason can be boiled down to three words: Just in case.


Gold Is Wealth Insurance

We don’t know when a stove might be left unattended just long enough for a grease fire to start. We don’t know when a bit of electrical wiring might short out, sparking a blaze inside of a wall.

That’s what insurance is for. Our homes are a valuable asset, and we want to protect them.

But what about protecting the rest of our wealth-related assets?

That’s why precious metals like gold, silver and platinum command our attention in these uncertain times. Perhaps that’s why a number of central banks around the world have sharply stepped up their purchases of gold bullion.

For instance, in 2011, Turkey’s central bank owned about 100 tons of gold, according to World Gold Council figures. Today, the bank owns nearly 500 tons. India, Russia and China have all stepped up their purchases in recent years, too.

Likewise, federal budget deficits remain a serious problem. In 2016, the Congressional Budget Office stated flatly that the U.S. government faces a serious problem in coming years because the economy just cannot grow fast enough to keep up all the financial promises made to Americans. No one knows exactly how such challenges will be resolved or how quickly.

Blue Light Special on Precious Metals

It’s no surprise either that sales of gold, silver and platinum coins achieved high-volume sales records in recent years. Certainly, citizens in other countries facing serious economic challenges are quickly realizing gold’s value as an insurance policy.

For instance, the U.S. Mint sold a record 47 million ounces of American Eagle silver coins in 2015, while gold coin sales leaped by more than half. Austria’s national mint posted its third best year of sales ever. The Royal Canadian Mint broke its own sales record for silver bullion coins for the third year in a row. Japan’s largest gold retailer recently said it saw a significant boost in gold purchases from ordinary people. “Many customers are wagering that it’s better to turn their savings to gold as a safe asset,” said Takahiro Ito, the gold retailer’s chief manager.

Of course, that’s exactly what our gurus like Ted Bauman and Jeff Opdyke have been telling members of The Sovereign Society for quite some time now. Clearly, with the rising sales and popularity of owning physical precious metals, more investors recognize they need some to counter the continuing imbalance in the global monetary system, and to make sure their wealth is prepared for all contingencies.

Kind regards,
The New Gold Rush: Insurance Against the Collapse
JL Yastine
Editorial Director

  • Patrick Gage

    There are several mints that offer online sales such as JMBullion, APMEX,,

  • Bob Arnold

    I WANT TO PUT OUT A WARNING TO EVERYONE. BUYING ONLINE ALL your purchases can be tracked by check, paypal etc. if you have the money find a dealer who is legit. pay cash while you still can. i don’t claim to be a know it all.
    i suggest buying a roll of 1/10 ounce gold. be the change maker. i know the premium is higher but if gold does what they say what are you going to barter for a ten thousand barter piece. also get your barter items. lead, booze cigarettes, food. i say for the average joe 30-35 ounces of gold. silver try to get as much as you can Silver does not perform well in deflation. i have studied much for what’s worth and they say expect deflation. only one economist dent says it’s going to be deflationary. for a long time, others say expect short term deflation and boom hyper inflation. You young guns out there get an extra job even if it is 10-15 an hour part time, if you own metals don’t tell ANYONE even your closest friend unless you are pooling together.

  • Bob Arnold

    i reallydon’t think trump himself would. i read an article and it had him holding 10 ounces of gold. he says every average american shuld own at least ten ounces of gold. he may get his life threatened by the deep state obama? or acters we don’t know.look your damned if youdo and damned if you dont. s, throw the dice.REMEBER GOLD and silver are insurance to help get you trough this. Reeber silver does not perform well in dflation but even had it’s day in The great depression.

  • Steveng

    This coming collapse will be like no other.

    It would help to research about how people and businesses survived during the Great Depression. A few people and businesses at that time knew what was about to happen and put away a few dollars to survive the depression and ultimately thrived afterwards while their competitors went out of business.

    If there were a collapse of society, stocks, bonds, gold, silver, money and other useless material assets would be, well, useless. My dad asked us kids “what would you rather have $10,000 GMC stock (GMC was his favorite vehicles since he owned a produce company and a restaurant in Chicago during the 1950s and 1960s) or a $10,000 commercial coffee maker?” He taught us kids to buy the coffee maker because if things go bad everyone needs their coffee – even during the depression. One cannot control the price of paper assets (stocks and bond, etc), but one can control hard assets like real estate and coffee makers.

    Learn a trade: agriculture especially using heirloom seeds (including food preparation and preservation), husbandry (including skinning and butchering, see note below, and maybe training guard dogs), welding, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, seamstress, cooking / baking, security. Also, learn to barter so when the economy collapses you’ll have something useful to trade. Or better still create a bartering co-op. And best of all, keep your spiritual faith strong, you’ll need it.

    Note: many, if not most, people have an aversion to killing and slaughtering an animal for food. If you could acquire this skill, you’ll be well known in your neighborhood with plenty of jobs. You may also want to think about raising rabbits (or teaching others to raise rabbits for meat), they taste like chicken – and they are easy to breed and raise even in an apartment. Do an internet search for “raising rabbits for meat.” Storing up beans and cornbread is ideal for the short term. Read the internet article “Feed a family of 4 for 1 year, for less than $300.”

    Also, learn how to make slumgullion stew, mmm mmm good.

  • jrj90620

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  • JohnnyTremain

    JL, I agree with your conclusion… that I should accumulate gold. But I somewhat disagree with your view of gold. Referring to your analogy, I would say that gold is not like the insurance. Rather, gold is like the house. Gold is the asset. In 1912, J.P. Morgan said “Money is gold… and nothing else.” Notice that he didn’t say that “Gold is money”, which would leave open the possibility that other things were money also. He said that “Money is gold”… and nothing else is money except gold. No one should be fooled into thinking that Federal Reserve Notes are wealth. If I want to accumulate wealth, I accumulate gold.

  • Don Raymond

    Hard Assets Alliance is a great place to buy and hold, or take delivery if you want, of gold and silver. You can open an IRA there even. Their prices are generally better than Ampex or Kitco.

  • James Torellie

    There is No Insurance of any kind for a big collapse. Who wants to really hang around for that. Finding a tall bridge or cliff and problem solved. I do not want my family killed over a can of beans that taste like sh&t anyways.No one has arms long enough when the sky is falling.

  • Bob Arnold

    jail might be better. in the great depression some guys wnt to jail on purpose. hey got to eat.i have a feeling in my ut that this is going to be bad, very bad.

  • Jennet Ray

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    Who do you think you can sell physical gold to? No one is set up to give food or drink in exchange for gold. Land is a better thing to buy, just do not improve it in any way. Let the weeds and trees grow. Eventually someone will want it and pay the relative price for it as development increases.