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Ian King
Crypto Profit Trader

Crypto Profit Trader

The cryptocurrency revolution is still in the beginning stages. While many investors may be bearish when it comes to crypto, I have high hopes for the inevitable technology to take over the digital payment arena.

Each month in Crypto Profit Trader, we have multiple chances to uncover life-changing crypto trends using my P.A.T. trading formula.

This brand-new asset class now contains over 1,500 projects that can be traded on exchanges all over the world. But it’s not too late to start profiting from this market!

How can I be sure? Well, I’ve been trading in this market for more than half a decade.

In fact, while much of Wall Street was taken aback by bitcoin’s swift breakout in 2017, I wasn’t. I knew this rally was coming, which is precisely why I invested in bitcoin for the first time in 2013.

Now, I didn’t buy it at the low $14, but I did buy it around that time. And every $1,000 invested around then was worth roughly $1.2 million in early 2018.

I was riding the cryptocurrency bandwagon long before the surge. And despite the crypto crash in early 2018, the concept of cryptocurrencies is not far-fetched and early investors will continue to reap the long-term benefits.

There are still fortunes to be made here. And based on my research and the amount of smart money that’s still invested in cryptos — I know this trend is going to rally again.

That’s why I decided to create Crypto Profit Trader.

I wanted Main Street investors to have access to trades such as bitcoin … trades that could double your initial investment in weeks, months and years as the crypto market expands and enters the worldwide adoption phase.

We’re in for a profitable ride — and it’s not too late for you to join!

So don’t wait!

What subscribers have said:

Thank you also, Ian, for the very thorough coverage you’ve given in your training materials of the many important details for navigating the crypto-trading world. Your frequent emails and updates dealing with various questions have been very helpful and reassuring as well. I look forward to participating in this great adventure as you coach us along in the coming months!Bill C.

Crypto Profit Trader Includes:

  • The Cryptocurrency 101 Guide – Ian King’s trading manual includes in-depth overviews of the crypto market, his approach to trading cryptos, what kinds of trades to expect in Crypto Profit Trader and more.
  • Ian King’s crypto education series — The Insider’s Guide to Crypto Fortunes — A five-part video training series on how to master trading cryptocurrencies. Coupled with the Cryptocurrency 101 Guide, you will be able to feel confident leading into the trades recommended in Crypto Profit Trader.
  • Trade alerts — Ian uses what he calls the P.A.T. system to find great trades in the crypto market. When his system signals a good trade, he will send a trade alert email, and text message if you are opted into text services. As a subscriber, you can expect to receive one or two trade alerts per month. The trade alerts will include everything you need to know to place the trade, including the reasoning behind the recommendation.
  • Weekly portfolio updates — Crypto ProfitTrader releases weekly videos to keep you updated on what’s going on in the crypto market, new crypto developments that Ian is researching, progress on current positions and expert information to help subscribers become highly profitable crypto traders.
  • Model portfolio — When you login to and access your Crypto Profit Trader subscription, the model portfolio section tracks all current investments, the crypto symbols, initial buy in price, current price, percentage gain or loss and the current recommended action on the crypto. You get 24/7 access to the site and all information included.

Ian King
Editor, Crypto Profit Trader

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