Editor’s Note: I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Melody Kerr. She’s the assistant managing editor to options expert Chad Shoop on his premium options services.  We’re happy to have her on board.   

Today, she writes about how she overcame her fear to learn options trading — and why she hopes you will, too  

If you have any feedback for Melody, or if you just want to welcome her to the team, reach out at AmericanInvestor@BanyanHill.com. — Annie Stevenson, Managing Editor, American Investor Today  

“Gosh … am I ever going to get this?” 

That’s what I said to myself when I first was introduced to options almost two years ago… 

Calls … puts … “buy to open” … “sell to open” … “buy to close” … “sell to close”… I had no clue what any of this meant.  

It might as well have been a completely different world. 

I thought that no matter how many times I read about options (over and over again), I’d never fully grasp them 

So, I thought to myself: This is too complicated. I’ll just stick to what I know and never give trading options a thought.

Never Say Never 

While I made the decision to “never” trade options, I still read the newsletters every day as a part of my job  

But when I was done reading those for the day, I asked questions to the gurus who knew all there is to know about options.  

realized that wanted to learn about options for more than just my job I saw how they could benefit my own investing thanks to the experts around me. They showed me the potential for bigger (and quicker) profits using options.  

And I realized I’d be foolish to pass up these opportunities simply because they were “too complicated. 

Then, after a few weeks, I started to understand...  

It seemed pretty silly, but I first got myself to remember the difference between call options and put options by thinking: You call someone up, but you put something downSo, calls are betting the stock’s price will go up, while puts are betting the stock’s price will go down 

Fast-forward a few months later … and I was explaining options to my family and friends. I told them about contracts having control over 100 shares (but with less money at risk), the difference between calls and puts, and why many people trade them in the first place.  

Within a year, I had made my first options trade. The thing I said I’d never do.  

Now, I know if I — someone who had no experience or knowledge in options before — can do it, anyone can. You just need someone who can take this complicated subject and break it down in simple terms.  

And here at Banyan Hill, no one can do that better than Quick Hit Profits editor, Chad Shoop… 

Starting With the Basics 

My first problem when I was introduced to options was allowing myself to be intimidated.  

But once I trusted the experts to explain the basics to me, like what calls and puts were, understanding options became a lot easier.  

Chad realized this, too, and decided that the best way to help readers take advantage of options was to educate them on everything — no complicated jargon.   

Chad decided to teach options step by step, so that even a novice can make a trade.  

If you’ve been following along in the Weekly Options Corner since we launched a few months ago, you know Chad has shared more options education, for free, than most experts ever do. 

He’s showed us how to choose the perfect option, the moneymaking potential of options and the strategy he’s spent countless hours and $1 million creating 

The Tool With Incredible Potential 

Options have the potential for massive profits. Like double-digit gains in less than two months, or even triple-digit gains in less than a month.  

In fact, Chad’s premium service readers made four trades with 50% gains and one with over a 100% gain … all on the same day. 

The potential here is just too incredible to pass up.  

But you don’t have to take my word for it. As our colleague and Wall Street veteran, Charles Mizrahi, says: This kind of strategy is one of the best. In his words: “Chad focuses on trades where heads, you win a lot, and tails, you don’t lose much. 

You just can’t beat that.  

I don’t want you to let options intimidate you like they intimidated meI missed out on plenty of opportunities because of that. But if you stick with Chad, he’ll walk you through with accessible language and examples. 

First things first: Sign up for his Weekly Options Corner. Every Friday, you’ll hear from Chad about the basics of options, how they work and the best ways to use them. He’ll cover risks, permissions and even some sample trades for you to follow.  

You can sign up for the Weekly Options Corner here. We’ll be publishing a 2020 yearinreview issue this Friday, and we’ll be back with our regular publishing schedule in the new year.  

Trust me. You don’t want to miss this! 


Melody Kerr
Assistant Managing Editor, Quick Hit Profits