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Chad Shoop is a Chartered Market Technician, longtime Banyan Hill editor, and one of the smartest guys we know. He’s finally decided to share his knowledge with you, our readers. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about options … plus more.

If you’re interested in learning about calls … puts … risk … trading … and outsized gains, Chad Shoop’s Weekly Options Corner is for you.

He will be showing you how to place options trades with straightforward language. Chad isn’t in this business to show off how smart he is, he’s here to help you. He wants to break open the world of options and show his readers how to make huge profits with their own trades.

He’ll show you how. Every week, he will write to you about options — education, trades and strategies. His email will hit your inbox at noon on Fridays. And you’ll be able to learn about options from a real expert.

Recent Weekly Options Corner Articles

Managing Our Qualcomm Call Options (3-minute read) Now that we’ve made a trade in the Weekly Options Corner, how do we manage it? Chad Shoop breaks it down for you today…
Four 50% Gains and One Triple-Digit Profit on the Same Day (Special Offer) If you’ve always imagined what waking up to a flood of profits one morning would feel like, you could ask some of options expert Chad Shoop’s readers. They booked four double-digit gains and one triple-digit gain earlier this week. And this week, Chad explains that those are only the beginning of what his premium service has to offer.
[Trade Detail] QCOM Is a Buy (4-minute read) Since last Wednesday, expert Chad Shoop had five new recommendations for readers of his options trading service Quick Hit Profits. The best way to understand his approach is to get real-time practice. So this week, Chad’s walking us through his latest trade in real time.
Why I Passed on the Perfect Home (4-minute read) In the housing market, buyers and sellers don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to the value of a home. And the same mispricing happens in the options market, too. This week, expert Chad Shoop shows the key to identifying when to take the opportunity or simply walk away...
Your Options-Trading Questions — Answered (17-minute Q&A) This week we're answering your questions. What is margin? What if you miss a trade? What is a limit order? We have your answers...
Case Study — A 203% Gain on Facebook (3-minute read) Most investors believe you have to get into a stock before a big event to profit. But you can make double- or triple-digit gains using this trading strategy after all the hype. This week, expert Chad Shoop uses a real example from one of his recent trades to show you how.
Profit Trigger Secrets Revealed (4-minute read) Wall Street tells investors that stocks are like runaway trains that you shouldn’t chase if you “miss” the trade. But, as long as you have a sound strategy, there’s an opportunity for you to profit, no matter how high or low a stock goes. And this week, expert Chad Shoop shows how his unique system can help you grow your account.
Collect Cash From Stocks With This Simple Trick (4-minute read) Collecting income on stocks you already own is one of the best ways to use options. With this covered-call strategy, you can make your stocks pay you. Options expert Chad Shoop shows you how.
Use Options to Win 90% of Your Trades (5-minute read) When you have the option between winning and losing, it seems like a no brainer. But many option traders don’t want to seize a 90% win rate. Why is that?
Unlocking the Power of Options (5-minute read) Investors who want to trade options need to get permission from their brokers. In today’s Weekly Options Corner, expert Chad Shoop walks readers through that process. Plus, he’ll show you what kind of options are available at each level.
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