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Now I want to draw your attention to a special guest appearance by our very own Jeff Yastine.

He was invited by Yahoo Finance to share his thoughts on how the U.S.-Iran conflict will affect the markets.

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The Iran Crisis: Profit From Investors’ Panic
Iran’s top military commander was killed by a U.S. drone strike on Friday.

The media are warning that World War III could potentially break out … but Ian King and I want to share our thoughts on why the fears are overblown.

And while other investors panic, this is your opportunity to grab stocks at cheap prices and profit from the doomsday headlines.



Pot Stock Apocalypse: Survive and Profit With This 1 Stock
I expect Innovative Industrial Properties Inc. (NYSE: IIPR) to more than double over the coming year.

It’s been tossed aside by investors, down 40% in the last seven months.

Yet the company is consistently profitable because it’s a real estate investment trust (REIT) that buys farms and warehouses and then leases them to cannabis growers.

That steady stream of revenue helps it generate more cash than the companies that grow, harvest and sell cannabis.


Iran’s Retaliation Won’t Hurt the Stock Market
Iran could mount a small attack against neighboring countries. Or it could sponsor terrorist operations against U.S. targets.

But President Donald Trump said he’ll respond aggressively if U.S. citizens are killed. Iranian officials are now forced to factor that into their decisions.

What happens next? Iranian authorities will respond rationally, from their perspective.


Beat the Market With 1 Click
For those who are worried about a market drop, dividend stocks can serve as insurance. If the market drops, dividends will cushion the fall.

In the decade of the 2000s, stocks fell almost 1% per year on average.

However, investors earned 1.8% from dividends. The drop would have been closer to 3% without them.

More importantly, though, investing in companies that grow their dividends the fastest can be very lucrative.

One exchange-traded fund has proved this.


5 HUGE Announcements for Self-Driving Vehicles
Self-driving cars and trucks are gearing up to disrupt the $7 trillion mobility market.

It will be the biggest development of the 2020s. This technology will impact where we live, the environment and even the cost of a vacation.

For these reasons, I’ve been keeping a keen eye on this year’s Consumer Electronics Show for any hint of when this sci-fi tech will become a reality.

Here are the biggest announcements from this week in Vegas…


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