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How Big Tech’s Monopoly Threatens Free Speech

How Big Tech’s Monopoly Threatens Free Speech

Outrageous … frustrating … and just downright unfair.

That’s how I’d best describe it.

I’ve been in the online publishing business for close to 15 years. And, well, you’d be shocked to know how much our free speech is being censored. I’ve seen it firsthand.

As you’re about to discover, Google wields far more power than most people realize. In today’s video, Ted concludes his multipart series on anticompetitive behavior in the U.S. markets. His previous videos focused on how monopolies result in higher prices, inferior goods and even bad health.

But in some ways, this is the most alarming one to date.

Who Knew Digital Advertising Could Be This Dangerous?

We spend an average of 24 hours a week on the internet. It’s where we get the bulk of our news and see the majority of advertising.

All of that is being tightly controlled and closely monitored by just two companies. And that means Big Tech poses a serious threat to our right to free speech.

In fact, it’s impacting your liberties in ways you never imagined. Ted outlines three of the hidden dangers in his video. He also addresses the fact that Washington is finally starting to push back. But will it be enough?

To watch this newest video, click here or click the image below.

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Angela Jirau
Publisher, The Bauman Letter

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