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The Hyzon Hydrogen Nation Clarification

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In today’s email, you said you’d be adding HYZON to the portfolio. Since the merger hasn’t happened yet, don’t you mean you’d be adding DCRB to the portfolio??? — Tommy D.

I am concerned about the – “WeissLaw LLP investigation for possible breaches of fiduciary duty and other violations of law by the board of directors of Decarbonization Plus Acquisition…” — José G.

Welcome back, Great Ones! It’s good to see you both writing in again.

Since you are both inquiring about yesterday’s Great Stuff Picks recommendation, I’m grouping you together. I hope you don’t mind … it shouldn’t be too crowded in here.

So, the skinny here is that Hyzon Motors is going public by merging with a special purpose acquisition company — SPAC. That SPAC is Decarbonization Plus Acquisition (Nasdaq: DCRB).

Hyzon Motors: Oh, Hyzon! Meme

Hyzon makes hydrogen fuel cell powered commercial vehicles, including semitrucks, busses and the like.

The company specializes in fuel cell technology and hydrogen-powered engines, all designed for heavy-duty, long-haul tasks.

These applications are uniquely suited for hydrogen fuel cells. EVs tend to get all sketchy in cold weather, you know. It’s one of the multitudes of reasons why Great Stuff is fully onboard with the hydrogen revolution!

With the introductions out of the way, Tommy, you are correct. I did, in fact, recommend buying DCRB.

Hyzon is not yet a publicly-traded company. Instead, I recommended buying DCRB because this is the company that Hyzon is merging with to trade publicly.

By purchasing Decarbonization stock, you are getting in ahead of Hyzon’s public offering. It’s like participating in an IPO before the IPO. That’s one of the advantages of a SPAC.

Once the merger between Decarbonization and Hyzon Motors is complete, DCRB stock will convert to Hyzon stock. You don’t need to do anything for this to happen. Just buy DCRB and ride the hydrogen wave!

By the way, if you want more information on SPACs, I recommend clicking here — that’s an excellent article explaining what SPACs are, how they work and how they are different from traditional IPOs.

Finally, José… If you search for information on Decarbonization Plus Acquisition, you are going to find a string of law firms (like WeissLaw) all looking to get DCRB shareholders to give them money to investigate the company’s “fiduciary duties.”

Let me say this: These law firms are like the “ambulance chasers” of Wall Street. Such claims rarely have merit. If you look at any company that has filed for a SPAC merger or an IPO, you’ll find a slew of law firms just like this looking to dredge up something or find some flaw in the company’s plans to go public … all in a supposed effort to protect shareholder interests.

Now, I’m all for protecting shareholder interests, but chasing down every IPO and SPAC in search of a class-action suit seems a bit over the top.

My comment to you, José, is that this kind of thing happens all the time, and there is nothing here to worry about.

TL;DR (Too long; didn’t read) — Great Stuff Picks recommends buying DCRB to acquire shares in Hyzon Motors ahead of the planned SPAC merger in the second quarter. And don’t worry about the law firms swarming the merger … this is par for the course.

And with that, we’re off to see what else we dragged out of our inbox!

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Great Stuff Reader Feedback

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Back on the farm, we’re still in Reader Feedback land! Let’s see who we have next:

The Most Asked Question

Hey guys, I’ve been trying hard to nail down several stock designations. One is the crazy new longevity battery for all-electric vehicles with a two-minute charge time and a 1,500-mile range to move those vehicles.  The other is the longevity pill with hopes of lifespan increasing with wild long years added to life.  There are three others in robotics and two other areas. When I nail them down, I’ll let you know.

Seriously, I’m a shortchange investor trying to get financial stability. At 70 years old, time’s short as well as funds. Any help would be greatly appreciated. — Richard B.

Thanks for writing in, Richard!

Quantum Glass Batteries: Sheldon Meme

I’m sorry … but I can’t help you on life-extending pills. But … if you find any, please let me know!

You’d think, if someone had a miracle life-extending pill, you wouldn’t have to look so hard to find information on it. Kinda makes you think…

As for the 1,500-mile range batteries with two-minute charging times? You wouldn’t happen to be talking about the “quantum glass batteries,” would you?

I can’t tell you how many times I get this question. So many questions about “quantum glass batteries.” So. Many.

I’m pretty sure those fall in the same category. If someone had developed one that was ready for mass production, you’d hear them crowing about it from the rooftops. Seriously. You could put the hurt on Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) with that technology.

Since I don’t like being the bearer of all bad news, here’s a list of companies actively working on quick-charging, thousand-mile batteries for electric vehicles:

These may or may not be the quantum glass batteries with two-minute charge times that you’re looking for, but at least they are real companies with real technology heading in that direction.

Meanwhile, I have an even better battery opportunity for you that you can invest in today.

It’s a tiny “super battery” that is poised to take the EV market by storm. Click here to find out more!

The Cannabis Conundrum

OGI and APHA, which you recommended a few weeks ago, are on fire! Thanks for the recommendation which I followed. My question to you is: How long should we hold these shares in the current context where they are targeted by the same GME short-squeeze group?

While I am obviously happy about the high percent growth this week, I am a bit worried. Thanks, Mr. Great Stuff! — Gadu

No, thank you, Gadu! Great Ones like you make what I do possible.

However, I want to get one thing straight. Unless I specifically call a stock a Great Stuff Pick and follow it up with a “Buy: TICKER” designation, it’s not an official Great Stuff recommendation. Furthermore, any recommendation, either direct or assumed (as in this case), is up to you to manage according to your own risk tolerance and investment goals.

Now, with that said, I’m very, very happy that both OrganiGram (Nasdaq: OGI) and Aphria (Nasdaq: APHA) have made you some serious gains. Congratulations!

The last time I mentioned OGI and APHA together in Great Stuff was back on January 11, when both were heading into their respective quarterly earnings reports. OGI was trading near $1.77, and APHA was about $9.05. Those are some serious gains of roughly 180% and 130%, respectively!

So … If I were you, I would have set targets before buying OGI and APHA. And my targets would have likely been in the 100% gain area. Gadu, you have blown that out of the water. If nothing else, you definitely want to consider closing out part of your positions just to make sure you get a profit. The rest is up to you. Thanks for sharing your success!

By the way, if you are interested in more advice on investing in cannabis stocks … including the must buy pot stock of 2021! … you simply must click here now!

Baffled By Bitcoin

I haven’t been able to wrap my head around digital currencies.  From what I understand, there is a finite number of bitcoin in existence.  A google search says that there are only 18.6 million bitcoins in existence, with a maximum of $21 million that can ever exist.  How is it possible that Elon Musk purchased 1.5 billion bitcoins? — Mike B.

Hey, Mike B. in the place to be! Thanks for writing in!

To The Moon: Bitcoin Bob Ross Meme

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) can be frustrating; I get it. I’ve tried to put bitcoin and cryptos in layman’s terms before in Great Stuff: O Crypto! My Captain!

Your confusion, however, appears to come from tying dollars to bitcions. Each bitcoin is worth about $47,800 as of this writing.

In other words, Tesla didn’t buy 1.5 billion bitcoins — there aren’t that many to buy.

Tesla bought $1.5 billion in bitcoin. While the company didn’t disclose how many bitcoins they bought in January, at today’s prices, $1.5 billion would get you about 31,380 bitcoins.

I hope that clears things up a bit, Mike. Thanks for your question!

New Email, Who Dis?

How do I access — James C.

I need to know the skinny! — Katalia

I get all my fishing tips off of Pinterest. — John H.

We supply best price casters in China. — Jack.

So, Elon Musk is the catalyst for Planet of the Apes?  I wonder if he named his Pong champion Cornelius? — Ted B.

Y’all are a strange and confusing bunch. But I absolutely love my Great Ones!

John: If Pinterest floats your boat …. Then keep on fishing, man.

Jack: Casters? What exactly do you think we do here?

Ted: I think Musk believes he is Charlton Heston … but from a different movie entirely.

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