I love owning stocks.

While I’m reading The Wall Street Journal

Attending a Zoom meeting with my colleagues…

Or writing my latest Winning Investor Daily article

The companies in my portfolio are working hard to make shareholders happy.

It’s like I’m making extra money while living my normal everyday life.

But aside from dividends, stocks don’t increase your income.

As you know, you only earn a profit once you sell your shares.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you made your money right away?

Well, with one strategy, you actually get paid to trade.

Boost Your Income the Smart Way

Last week, I wrote about a trader who made a big bet on one stock — and lost.

He bought put options. And buying options without a solid strategy in place is like gambling.

Sure, sometimes you can make a lot of money this way. But you usually don’t.

In fact, the Chicago Board of Options Exchange says 90% of options buyers lose money.

Selling options, though, is a totally different story.

As my colleague Steve Fernandez recently explained, selling options is the best way to boost your income.

Here’s why…

Take the Uncertainty out of Trading

When you buy a stock, you might have to wait months or even years to sell it for a profit.

But when you sell options, you know exactly:

  • How much money you make upfront.
  • How long you’re in the trade.
  • How much it costs you if your trade doesn’t work out.

That’s a big reason why selling options is actually a conservative trading strategy.

Going into a trade, you already know what your gains and risks are. So, there aren’t any surprises.

Plus, you can be in and out of a trade in just a few weeks.

That means you don’t have to worry about the long-term economic forecast, which is tough to predict.

There’s an Even Better Way to Trade Options

Selling options is a great way to increase your income.

But there’s an even better way to trade options.

The pros on Wall Street have been doing it for years to make consistent profits.

In fact, Ian King used this strategy to post a 78% win rate in his test portfolio.

And now he’s giving Winning Investor Daily readers exclusive VIP access to his research.

Today is the world premiere of Ian’s “Profit Framing” webinar. And there’s still time to sign up.

So, click here to reserve your VIP access now.


Jay Goldberg

Assistant Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing


Morning Movers

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Luminar Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: LAZR) develops vehicle sensors and software for passenger cars and commercial trucks. The stock is up 21% this morning after Mercedes-Benz announced that it plans to use the company’s laser sensors to enable semi-autonomous driving features on highways.


Blue Apron Holdings Inc. (NYSE: APRN) operates a direct-to-consumer platform that delivers recipes and ingredients as part of a meal kit that simplifies home cooking. It is up 20% on a positive note from Citron Research saying the stock could quadruple to $40 a share.


SoFi Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: SOFI) is a fintech company that operates an online platform providing financial services. It is up 18%, continuing its momentum from Wednesday when it cleared the final regulatory hurdle in purchasing Golden Pacific Bancorp and being approved for a bank charter.


Country Garden Services Holdings Co. Ltd. (OTC: CGSHY) provides property management services to property owners, residents and property developers in China. It is up 17% today along with other Chinese property stocks after China cut mortgage lending rates.


Vroom Inc. (Nasdaq: VRM) operates an e-commerce platform for buying and selling new and used cars. It is up 15% after analysts at Keybanc upgraded the stock from a hold to a buy, citing the growth in online car markets.


Opera Ltd. (Nasdaq: OPRA) provides mobile and PC web browsers. The stock is up 12% this morning after the company announced a $50 million share repurchase program.


JD.com Inc. (Nasdaq: JD) is a Chinese e-commerce company with operations worldwide. It is up 12% as part of the rise in Chinese stocks today as the country’s central bank cut interest rates, improving investors’ risk appetite.


NovoCure Ltd. (Nasdaq: NVCR) develops and manufactures therapies for the treatment of a variety of solid tumors. It is up 11% after analysts at Truist Financial upgraded the stock from a hold to a buy.


Points.com Inc. (Nasdaq: PCOM) provides e-commerce and technology solutions to loyalty programs industry. The stock is up 11% after the company reported positive results for Q4 and full-year 2021 as it continues to see strong momentum in the business.


Paysafe Ltd. (NYSE: PSFE) provides payments processing solutions and digital gambling services internationally. It is up 10% after Cowen & Co. upgraded the stock to a buy rating and set a price target that would see the stock double by the end of the year.