What I love most about options trading is how deep down the rabbit hole goes.Sure, you might start out buying calls and puts to bet on a stock’s direction. That’s a great way to juice small price moves into potential triple-digit windfalls.But that’s really just scratching the surface…There are ways to trade options where you can cap your downside risk, at the sacrifice of some upside. Other techniques let you make leveraged bets on ultra-long-term macro trends.But what excites me most of all is the idea of getting PAID to open trades. Yes, you read that right. Certain options strategies will actually pay you, right upfront, to open a position. And with this strategy, you’re betting with the market’s overall trend — making it highly dependable, too.This is the kind of thing professional traders use to keep their accounts growing.So, want to know more? How could you not!?That’s why Chris Cimorelli and Ian King — fellow options trader, ace cryptocurrency investor, and all-around great fella — got together yesterday to talk about these deeper possibilities in the options market.And Ian actually just released one type of money-upfront options strategy to the public for the first time.You can learn straight from Ian exactly how this strategy works in our exclusive interview. Click here or the thumbnail below to check it out:

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And if you’re ready to learn what options are capable of in a true professional’s hands, click here and get the full story.Regards,Mike MersonManaging Editor, True Options Masters