Precision medicine just took a HUGE step forward…

CRISPR gene-editing technology was used on humans for the first time.

Biotech company Intellia Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: NTLA) achieved the milestone in a clinical trial in June.

CRISPR editing was used to treat people with a rare protein disorder. Not only was the treatment safe, but preliminary results were also promising.

Participants who received the highest dose saw an 87% drop in the therapy’s targeted protein.

CRISPR has been the biggest development from the biotech industry in recent years. So much so that its pioneers received a Nobel Prize in 2020. And for good reason…

It means no more monthly trips to the doctor.

The Gene-Editing Industry Is Growing Rapidly

CRISPR technology targets common diseases where people inherit the wrong genes.

It aims to cure these diseases by replacing faulty genes with healthy variant. This gets to the root of the problem: fixing the gene for good.

But past CRISPR trials had one common problem.

Since the technology was applied to genomes removed from the human body, certain cell types died off and lost function when grown in an artificial environment.

Gene editing inside the human body (in vivo) can mitigate this problem by revising the genome in its native tissue.

Scientists believe Intellia’s in vivo gene-editing results open the door to treating a wider range of diseases, including HIV.

This is a BIG deal!

Intellia’s stock doubled in a matter of days after its announcement.

NTLA Soared Over 100% Last Week

NTLA gene editing stock chart

(Source: Bloomberg.)

But if you missed out on Intellia’s rise, there’s no need to sweat.

CRISPR gene editing is just a subset of the rapidly growing genomics market.

This industry is poised to more than triple between now and 2030.

global genomics market chart 2021-2030

(Source: Precedence Research.)

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