Lately, it’s been impossible to avoid the crypto naysayers in the news:

  • “Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum Are Struggling. Here’s Why” — CNET
  • “Bitcoin Crash Wipes Out Nearly All the Cryptocurrency’s Gains for 2021” — CBS News
  • Big Short Fund Manager Warns of ‘Mother of All Crashes’ in Crypto” — CoinDesk

But as Remy de Gourmont quipped: “To know what everyone else knows is to know nothing.”

Without a doubt, cryptocurrencies are the trend of tomorrow — and that’s where we want to invest today.

Now, it’s not easy to simply jump into trading cryptos, as you can see above. It’s crucial to have a plan, and that you don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go the crypto markets alone. Not when you have “The King of Cryptos” on your side.

In Ian King’s Next Wave Crypto Fortunes, you’ll get a crash course in cryptocurrencies. You’ll also join his subscribers that have already seen gains of:

  • 272% on Chainlink in seven months.
  • 1,061% on Binance in nine months.
  • 3,981% on a half position in another crypto.

But the value of this service goes beyond profits. (Although we think you’ll agree that these are stellar gains).

Each week, Ian sends a weekly webinar to his subscribers, keeping them up to date on everything going on in the markets. That’s never more important than during volatile periods such as we’re seeing now.

With his permission, we’re sharing part of this week’s update. Enjoy!

A Sneak Peek at a Next Wave Crypto Fortunes Update

By Ian King

We’ve heard these stories before…

Amazon won’t make it because it’s not profitable.

Apple’s iPhone is in trouble due to smartphone competition.

Tesla is running out of cash.

Investing in great growth stocks is never easy. With every sell-off, the financial media parades out the naysayers calling for imminent doom.

All disruptive technologies went through growing pains on their path to success.

Crypto is no different. It’s a transformational technology, just like e-commerce, smartphones and electric vehicles.

There will be bear markets along the way to mass adoption — like right now.

To fight the bear, you have to stay lean and mean. That means cutting position sizes down to what you’re comfortable holding.

It also means buying opportunistically at the bottom of risk ranges and letting some go near the top.

Over the long term, the risk here isn’t from crypto … the real risk is not being in crypto.

For details on how you can access the entire update, click here.

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The “Smart Money” Is Still Buying Cryptos

Bitcoin dropped about 10% this week. Ethereum is down even more. And this comes after a prolonged sell-off over the last month. But according to a new report, institutional investors are taking advantage of lower prices to increase their exposure to cryptos. In this video, Ian King and Steve Fernandez discuss what that means for the crypto markets in the months ahead.


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