If you weren’t already keenly aware of the fact, 2020 made it crystal clear that the stock market and the economy are very different animals.

Almost every week, there’s been a new pairing of grim economic news with a jolt of positive sentiment on Wall Street.

But the only difference this year is that the economy’s underlying weakness has been exposed by COVID-19.

As I’ll show you today, the decade-long bull market in stocks has hidden a fundamental weakness at the heart of the U.S. economy: More than half of all Americans don’t earn enough income to help drive economic growth.

The pandemic has exposed that weakness. That’s why stimulus is so important to Wall Street.

But Wall Street is starting to bet on the biggest stimulus package in a generation … and it’s reflected in earnings estimates for next year.

2021 Earnings and Your Portfolio

Institutional investors and top analysts are in rare agreement: 2021 will see a big rotation into previously neglected sectors. That’s where the big gains will come next year.

In this week’s video, you’ll discover:

  • Our current measure of unemployment was devised in the Gilded Age of the 1870s to hide the truth… Hear what it doesn’t tell us about our economy. (2:30-6:00)
  • This chart shows that the true rate of joblessness is staggering. (6:00-7:11)
  • Why these earnings forecasts make a compelling case that a rotation into this handful of sectors is on its way. (8:52-15:24)
  • And more.

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