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Coronavirus Stimulus: 2008 All Over Again?

Coronavirus Stimulus: 2008 All Over Again?

Here at Bauman Daily we are committed to helping our readers get through this crisis. Our experts will provide continuous updates as well as useful insights to help you survive the market decline … and to position you for even greater wealth in the weeks and months ahead. Below you’ll find the latest analysis from the world’s leading financial minds.

Last week, a record-shattering 3.28 million Americans filed for unemployment.

That’s 3 million more than the previous week.

You may have heard that the new stimulus deal will provide an extra $600 for up to four months to these jobless workers.

And I’m sure you know all about the $1,200 or so payout that should be coming your way. But there’s a lot more to this stimulus bill than you read about in the headlines.

Follow the Trail

In today’s video, you’ll see that this bailout isn’t designed to make a difference in your everyday life. It’s engineered mainly to unblock the financial system.

You’ll also discover which stocks and sectors will benefit … you may want to invest now.

And you’ll find out if I think this cash injection is enough to get the job done.

Keep in mind, I’m not making a political commentary. I’m looking at the numbers as an economist and telling you what I see. You can decide for yourself if you agree with it.

Click here to watch my latest video. Or click on the image below:

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Ted Bauman
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