Hey Kings,

Bryan Klindworth, my right-hand man, said something in his noon coaching session today that I’d like to touch on…

He said, “Every headline you see, no matter which website it comes from, is designed to do one thing, and one thing only: Get you to CLICK!”

Now, Bryan was referring to geopolitical headlines, specifically the perpetual feud going on between North Korea and South Korea involving fighter jets, but his point is spot on…

It’s all about the clicks.

Always has been.

I’ll be honest, even we use headlines to drive as much traffic as we can to our website. But here’s the thing…

Trade Kings is actually worth clicking on.

I can’t shout loud enough how lucrative it’s been for members of Trade Kings to join us in the Trade Room this year.

Even as stocks continue sliding lower, I never run out of profit messages from folks in the chat…

Like North Korea’s forever-feud with the world, my members post forever-gains — it just goes on and on.

And much like the Supreme Leader Kim family will never stop wanting attention, I will never stop sharing my member’s gains with you.

We had triple-digit winners in AA, PDD, NCLH, DKNG, SABR, and JD early in the week.

Then Frances posted this MONSTER gain in LUMN yesterday:

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Great trading, Frances! You win our biggest profit award for this week!

But, David H, you won my heart…

Turn On Your Images

All I want to do is help people turn around their portfolios. Like I’ve said before, it’s the most fulfilling part of my job. And that is why I want you guys to click. Because if you join Trade Kings, there’s no reason the next message like this could come from you.

I won’t stop until the entire world is trading like Kings.

Today alone, we had folks claiming over 100% gains in 8 different tickers!

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Oh, and David M… It was me who called ASHR! 😉

But the overall theme here is that whether it is my morning bell calls or Bryan’s coaching sessions… Trade Kings is worth it!

We love seeing you guys make money. And no matter what the market does, we’ll be here to make sure that continues.

So, here’s the part where I urge you to become a member by clicking here. What more do you need to see?

Now, let’s check out how my watchlist did this week.

The Kings Corner Watchlist Recap

While we had major success in the Trade Room, my watchlist didn’t perform quite as well. Only 1/4 was a winner.

BBBY fell 14% from $4.58 to $3.92.

AMC fell 16% from $6.58 to $5.50.

RVLV fell 6% from $23.85 to $22.41

And PTON, the sole winner, rose 7% from $8.44 to $9.10.

The free trade idea to buy RVLV November 18, 2022 $30 calls for $0.90 worked in short term, as they traded up to $1.04 the morning after I mentioned them for a possible gain of 15%, but then fell off throughout the rest of the week and are now worth about one penny.

Obviously, this free trade wasn’t as sexy as it’s been the last seven weeks, but if happened to have sold at the peak on Tuesday morning, write to me at TradeKings@banyanhill.com and tell me how much you invested.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

My trading style is considered fast paced and entirely focused on smart money bets from the biggest traders in the world via unusual options activity.

But my colleague, Charles Mizrahi, uses a different approach…

See, Charles is a long-term value investor, and he’s one of the top value investors at Banyan Hill.

Back in 2009, he released what he called an “Inevitable Portfolio” six weeks before the market bottomed.

And If you’d bought every stock he recommended back then, you would’ve made 5x your money by today – destroying the S&P 500 during the biggest bull market of all time.

Now, Charles is releasing his next Inevitable Portfolio, a handful of stocks he believes will double the returns he made last time, with the potential to provide 10x what you invest in them.

And he’s putting his money where his mouth is… That’s why he’s investing $1 million in these stocks… and he’s giving new investors a head start to get in on them before he does.

Get all the details right here.

Happy Trading,

Andrew KeeneEditor, Kings Corner