Last week, President Donald Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He finally came to some sort of agreement…

It’s not so much a trade deal as it is a trade truce. China agreed to purchase $200 billion worth of U.S. goods and services over the next two years. And the U.S. agreed to stop raising tariffs.

In today’s Your Money Matters, Clint Lee and I discuss some little-known tidbits we discovered in the deal that will create opportunities for investors like you.

The Real Deal … or Just Spin?

We start by diving deep into the deal itself — where the money is headed … and if both parties can uphold their parts of the agreement.

President Trump claims the deal will boost growth. Some economic forecasters disagree. Clint and I give you a more focused analysis. We tell you which two sectors will benefit the most. Because — make no mistake about it — this interim trade deal is going to be really good news for certain companies.

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