We saw yet another daily high of new COVID-19 cases in the U.S. on Thursday.

I’m no epidemiologist. But that can’t be a good sign for the spread of the virus.

As an economist, I know that can’t be good for the economy. And if you’ve been watching, you know the biggest risk is Washington’s inability to get its act together and pass more stimulus.

But if you think this means I’m not investing in stocks right now, you’re dead wrong. And, as I’ll explain this week, my stock picks are crushing the market.

In today’s video, I reveal the basics of the system I use and the sectors I’m looking at right now to make profits, despite the ongoing crisis.

Tune Out the Noise

I’m not shy about how well I’ve done with recommendations for my subscribers to The Bauman Letter. But for those viewers who missed the message, I want to be more emphatic: I am not shorting the market. Quite the opposite, I’m finding great investment opportunities.

Watch today’s video to discover:

  • The three sectors I’ve identified as the biggest winners coming out of this crisis. (14:1016:44)
  • Three steps I take to identify specific companies that are worth buying (great for tuning out the headlines in a volatile market). (12:4314:10)
  • Just how well my stock picks have done versus the market … and how well I’ve outperformed the Robinhood investing crowd. (4:466:45)

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