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Big Data Is Becoming a $267 Billion Industry

Big Data Is Becoming a $267 Billion Industry

This past quarter, amid the COVID-19 backdrop, cloud computing stocks have had an unbelievable run.

Since April, the ISE CTA Cloud Computing Index (CPQ) has increased by 40% while the S&P 500 Index returned only 24%.

It’s easy to see why: Investors are anticipating a new normal in which businesses shift the bulk of their operations to the cloud.

This move to the cloud will cause data creation to increase dramatically.

Pre-COVID-19 estimates suggest that by 2025, 175 trillion gigabytes of data are expected to be generated annually, 10 times more than in 2015.

This amount is the equivalent to the storage of a stack of DVDs circling the Earth 222 times!

Meanwhile, the global Big Data market is set to grow from $151 billion in 2020 to $267 billion by 2025:

With the effects of COVID-19 factored into the equation, the Big Data market will likely surpass expectations.

(Source: Adroit Market Research)

With the effects of COVID-19 factored into the equation, the Big Data market will likely surpass expectations.

Fueling the growth in Big Data will be the Internet of Things (IoT).  By 2025, over half of all data generated will come from IoT devices.

As a data scientist, I understand the tremendous value placed on Big Data by businesses in every industry. In fact, 97.2% of organizations are investing in Big Data.

Companies also need to adopt Big Data technologies with minimal infrastructure and cost-effectiveness, which is driving demand for Big Data analytics tools.

Ian and I realize this, which is why we recommend a rapidly growing Big Data solutions leader in Automatic Fortunes.

The company has seen huge price target increases this past week and has room to run.

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Steve Fernandez

Research Analyst, Automatic Fortunes

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