When I was 10 years old, I started my third business.

The first was selling greeting cards door to door when I was six. The second was selling baseball cards when I was eight.

In 1972, when I was in fourth grade, my new business was selling decals from sports teams to my classmates.

And it was here that I learned one of the most valuable lessons in investing…

I heard through the grapevine that if you wrote to a baseball team to let them know that you were a big fan, most would respond with free team stickers.

This sparked an idea…

If I write to all 26 Major League Baseball teams … and if each team sent me two decals, I’d have around 50 stickers to sell.

I would then take those stickers to school and sell them to my classmates.

I thought to myself: “Holy cow. My only investment would be a nickel stamp and the envelope. If I sold each sticker for $0.25 … I’d be making a lot of money.”

So, my mother helped me write my first letter…

A week later, I got an envelope from the New York Mets. When I ripped it open, three decals fell out.

I was now in business.

New York Mets team logo decal.

I kept one of the decals for myself and sold the other two, for $0.25 each to my classmates. My total profit after expenses was $0.45!

Once my classmates saw the decals, it seemed the whole school wanted them.

I started getting “special orders” for team decals from not only the NY Mets, but other teams as well.

So, I spent my Sunday afternoons writing letters by hand, stuffing them into envelopes, sticking a nickel stamp to each and waiting for the postman to deliver me decals.

I mailed these letters to every team I could get an address for. Not every team sent decals, but enough did for me to make a business of it.

I quickly realized that if I only had a few decals of a certain team, and several of my friends wanted them, they were willing to pay higher prices.

When I received two decals from the Houston Astros, my classmates competed with each other to buy them. The Astros played in the Astrodome, the first domed baseball stadium, and they played on artificial grass called AstroTurf.

There was nothing cooler than that.

The price went as high as $ 0.75 for each one!

It was on that day in 1972 — when I was just 10 years old — that I learned the most important law of economics: the law of supply and demand.

Severe Supply Shortage: The $16 Trillion Opportunity by 2030

When people want a product or service, they are willing to pay for it.

And when that product is in short supply and they really want it … prices will rise.

Right now, there is a great imbalance between what people want and the supply available.

It’s what I call the Echo Boom trade.

An Echo Boom is rare. Like a piece of code that’s been programmed inside all of our banks … inside Wall Street … inside every major driver of our economy.

And it’s programmed with an unstoppable countdown clock.

In fact, we’ve only had one Echo Boom ever. Until now.

The second one is just getting started and it will be huge.

It’s a unique and powerful way to profit from a severe shortage that’s struck the world’s most valuable, misunderstood commodity.

What’s that? Here are some of your guesses:


The answer is (*drumroll*) … housing.

The existing supply has plummeted 75%:

U.S. Housing Inventory

Yet, demand is higher than ever. Some home builders even have a multi-billion-dollar backlog.

The result?

$16 trillion in new wealth by 2030…

And I’ll show you how to take action instead of sitting on the sidelines daydreaming about this kind of opportunity.

The last time this happened in 1996, it created a mirror-image trade to the one I’m watching now (a stock trading at a great price under $30)…

That 1996 trade has soared 84,146% … meaning anyone who invested just $1,500 would be a millionaire today.

There is a big reason why I spent over a year researching the Echo Boom opportunity…

It all has to do with one thing: Money … making lots of it.

Don’t get me wrong … one of the biggest mega trends in our lifetime is artificial intelligence.

But my research shows that RIGHT NOW, the Echo Boom will give investors even BIGGER windfalls than AI.

In fact, while the AI market is expected to generate $15.7 trillion in new wealth … my research shows that the Echo Boom will create slightly more — approximately $16 trillion by 2030, and that’s lowballing it.

That’s why you need to see this now…

The Echo Boom Opportunity: A Founder-Led Company with Massive Potential

Most investors see stocks as wiggles on a chart. That’s why many of them lose money.

They try to trade the daily noise of the stock market. That is an impossible game to play.

I see stocks for what they really are: A fractional ownership of a business. I am an owner of a business that has products or services, managers, customers and employees.

I then ask two questions before even buying one share of stock:

Is the business financially sound?

Is the stock trading at an attractive valuation?

I want a business that I can understand, has a solid balance sheet and generates free cash flow.

I then look at what the business does, how good a job management is doing and what are its competitive advantages.

For the Echo Boom phenomenon, I’m going to tell you about a tiny company on the verge of massive upside.

One of the things I love best about this company is the founder has 99% of his net worth in the business!

When I’m analyzing a business and see the original visionary is still running the show AND has that much skin in the game … that really gets my attention.

Founder-led companies can transform your stock gains by 3X over just placing your money in an S&P index fund.

All my research has led to this: one specific trade that anyone can make right now.

Get all the details here.


Charles Mizrahi
Founder, Alpha Investor