It’s a deal that rocked the internet…

This week, Twitter accepted Elon Musk’s buyout offer.

Some people think it won’t move the needle much.

Others feel that it could be bad news for the social media platform. And on the flip side, there are those who believe Musk’s history of creating value for companies will be beneficial.

No matter what you think about the $44 billion deal, it’s a big corporate event.

And as Alpha Investor founder Charles Mizrahi says, corporate events often create huge profit opportunities.

But we don’t recommend investing in the Twitter takeover. Instead, Charles has shared a better (and his favorite) kind of corporate event to profit from…


In fact, this week, he showed two examples of how they create amazing opportunities for investors. He even talked a little about his No. 1 spinoff pick for 2022.

If you missed his Real Talk, be sure to catch up below.

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Lina Lee

Senior Managing Editor, Real Talk

Real Talk, Real Readers…

Charles’ take on the oil industry is still the talk of the town in our mailbag…

From Rick S.: Charles, I read your report and watched your video analysis about the oil and gas sector. It was spot-on. I agree with everything you said.

As you said, what you told us was completely apolitical. There was nothing in it reflecting any political agenda or any political point of view. All you presented were the facts.

I find it hard to understand how anyone could’ve seen what you said as a partisan rant or how they could’ve been incensed by the facts you presented. They must be so affected by their own political views that they cannot see the truth, even when it’s staring them in the face.

Also, please talk about unused drilling permits. I understand that there are thousands of drilling permits not being drilled because they don’t have any oil, not because the companies don’t want to drill them.

Completing the Keystone pipeline would lower the cost of oil. The alternative is to keep shipping the oil by rail, which is far less environmentally friendly than shipping it through pipelines. (Although rail shipping makes a lot more money for Warren Buffett.) I don’t understand how people cannot see that.

I don’t believe the war in Ukraine is the cause of the increase in our gas prices, which were already rising before the war. I don’t believe the inflationary effects of the war, related to oil and gas, are really here yet. They have yet to feed through to increased production costs of what we buy from Europe. I don’t think we have reached peak inflation yet. Do you?

Please keep up the good work and keep telling us the facts — even if some people will continue to be appalled by the truth just because it doesn’t align with their political agenda.

From Charles B.: I say just get politicians out of it. If you believe the intelligence of all of the economists who have preceded us and who believe in a free-market economy, then you’ll agree that a political solution is not the answer. Let the free market do its work.

From Jeff M.: Thanks for your hard work in writing such a great, in-depth newsletter.

After the horror show of the Afghanistan surrender — especially concerning Bagram Air Base and the billions of dollars of military equipment — I’m curious about the major oil companies that are abandoning their Russian interests.

What is that like? Are they stripping all equipment and moving it out of the country? Or are they leaving some, say, in the field … but taking all the “office” equipment, computers, etc.?

Thanks again.

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