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Great StuffTed Bauman isn’t your typical stock analyst…

He’s a trained economist … has traveled to over 80 countries … and has had a front-row seat in American politics. He’s spent his life helping people — just like you — grow and protect their wealth, independence and freedom. And now he’s combining all of this vast experience to bring you Bauman Daily.

You’ll gain access to powerful market insights from Ted and his team of analysts throughout the week — raw and unfiltered. Ted isn’t afraid to speak his mind (even if it goes against conventional wisdom) to help you make and keep your money.

If you’re looking for real solutions that can help you make real money, Bauman Daily is for you.

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physical goods shortage culprit Shortages and Inflation: They’re Hiding THIS From You! Shortages in physical goods are everywhere. We’re already hearing warnings that the limited number of ocean shipping containers will make holiday shopping difficult this year. Lack of materials is hurting home builders. The price of beef is rising because there just isn’t enough for everyone. Many believe we have COVID-19 to blame for this. But there is something far more sinister going on here. In today’s video, Ted pulls back the curtain to reveal the real culprits behind these shortages … what we can expect going forward … and how we’ll pay the ultimate price.
investors fear don't follow herd Don’t Fear Irrational Investors So, despite nosebleed valuations, investors are as bullish as ever. Which brings me back to Keynes’ observation that irrational behavior can last a long time in the market. And we have herd mentality to thank for that. Said another way, fear of missing out — FOMO — is omnipresent in the markets today. So now investors face a tough choice: get out of stocks or follow the pack? Let me show you a few things I’ve learned in the last epic stock market bubble ... and how to come out ahead without a second thought for the herd.
lightbulb IoT industry A Lightbulb Moment for the IoT Industry
by Ted Bauman September 14, 2021 Bauman Daily, Economy, Investing
As any economics textbook will tell you, capitalism is all about competition. Every company wants to make a better product at a lower price compared to its rivals. They compete for the best talent. When inputs are scarce, they bid furiously against each other for them. But one of the most remarkable facts about capitalism is that some of the biggest and most profitable breakthroughs came from cooperation...
consumer inflation 3 ETFs to Survive Today’s Consumer Inflation A supply shortage forced major vehicle producers, such as GM and Ford, to cut back on production and stockpile unfinished vehicles. And it’s not just carmakers ... PPG, Sherwin Williams, Pulte Group and many other companies are feeling the pinch of supply shortages. With such a massive disruption in supply, how can you know for certain if your investments are secure? In today’s Your Money Matters, find out why Ted’s advice on “being selective” is so crucial right now.
renewables ways to profit Renewables Resurgence? 4 Plays to Profit After pulling back steadily for months, Thursday saw a big jump in renewables stocks. This prompts the question: is it time to start buying back into this sector? Consider that solar produced less than 4% of the energy in the U.S. last year. Also, consider that the Biden Administration wants to take that level to 45% by 2050. That would be an enormous jump. So, in today’s video, Ted answers that question … and then gives details on how to go about it in a smart way.
supply chain economic recovery 1 Big Risk to the Recovery It's not just auto manufacturers feeling the pain. Supply chain disruptions are limiting output and sales across many industries. It’s one major factor that’s holding back the recovery, and it’s of paramount importance to stocks. Here’s why.
cash is king Right Now, Cash Is King The trend is clear. When the market starts getting “toppy,” insiders at technology companies stop buying their own shares. Corporate executives know what’s going on in their industries better than anyone else. Every quarter, they must tell the market what they think about their own prospects in an official filing. But they can buy and sell shares in their own company at any time. That makes insider purchases a critical data point for investors. That’s the lowest level of insider buying over the last five years. This is powerful evidence of something I’ve been saying all summer. Right now, smart investors should be buying quality companies. That means strong balance sheets, recession-proof revenues and above all, strong free cash flow. Here’s the evidence.
happy labor day - challenging investing 3 Important Reminders
by Angela Jirau September 6, 2021 Bauman Daily, Investing, News
Happy Labor Day to you. Hopefully you are enjoying some time with friends and family. The markets are closed today and our team is enjoying a much-needed break. So, instead of your regular Your Money Matters video today, let’s revisit three of our most useful videos to help you navigate one of the most challenging investing environments we’ve ever seen.
growth stocks vs lottery tickets Which Is Better: Growth Stocks or Lottery Tickets? Growth stocks are back in recent weeks. After a difficult first half, shares of “next big thing” companies are rebounding. Fed Chairman Powell’s “hold the course” speech helped. But is this a signal to jump back into companies that may only produce a profit years from now? A recent article from leading research outfit GMO gives five reasons — based on historical evidence — why now may be the riskiest time in two decades to do just that.
stock market diversify How to Handle This Out-of-Whack Market Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan was once coined the “maestro.” That’s partly because of his mastery at orchestrating his message to the markets. But perhaps it’s time for Greenspan to hand this baton to current Chairman Jerome Powell. Going into his highly anticipated Jackson Hole address, it sure seemed like Powell would disappoint at least one corner of the stock market. But instead, Powell’s well-executed address managed to see interest rates remain stable while a broad stock advance unfolded (which I discussed in Your Money Matters this week).
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