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Bauman Daily — The Markets as You’ve Never Looked at Them Before

Great StuffTed Bauman isn’t your typical stock analyst…

He’s a trained economist … has traveled to over 80 countries … and has had a front-row seat in American politics. He’s spent his life helping people — just like you — grow and protect their wealth, independence and freedom. And now he’s combining all of this vast experience to bring you Bauman Daily.

You’ll gain access to powerful market insights from Ted and his team of analysts throughout the week — raw and unfiltered. Ted isn’t afraid to speak his mind (even if it goes against conventional wisdom) to help you make and keep your money.

If you’re looking for real solutions that can help you make real money, Bauman Daily is for you.

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stock market's next move This ETF Predicts the Market’s Next Move The stock market sure kept us on our toes this week: earnings reports … an announcement from the Federal Reserve … ongoing infrastructure bill drama … rising COVID-19 Delta cases. And it’s all affecting one corner of the market in particular, which gives us important clues about the sustainability of this current rally. Today I’ll dig into the details to prepare you for what comes next.
summer swoon or not - guide to navigate volatility Summer Swoon or Not? It turns out that this is a pivotal week. We have three crucial events that will determine if more record highs are in store, or if the stock market will finally experience a pullback. Here’s your guide to navigate the volatility...
china investing down China: The Party’s Over … in More Ways Than 1 Not for the first time … and certainly not for the last … China’s rulers have gutted the business model of one of the country’s thriving, growing technology sectors. The question is … why? Is it safe to invest in any Chinese companies?
etf plays to combat stock market volatility 2 Quality ETFs to Combat Volatility This year’s big theme in the stock market? Well, there isn’t one! As soon as you think the market is moving one way, it changes to another. Ted has said many times that external factors, such as COVID-19, the Federal Reserve and politics, drive the market. Fundamentals just don’t seem to count for much lately.
"safe" investments slowly killing wealth “Safe” Investments Are Quietly Killing Your Wealth It's a tough market for investors who like to play it safe. In these volatile markets, many are turning to Treasury bonds or other fixed income. Big mistake! I'll show you 10 different charts to show you how and why these "safe" investments are actually eating away at your wealth. But of course, I'll also give you a real alternative that can help you avoid most of the risk but that can deliver actual gains.
stock market profits How to Use Pullbacks for Profits What you should — and shouldn’t — do now.
stay strong despite stock market volatitlity Don’t Be Shaken Out A reason to stay smart and tough.
inflation ever-feared enemy Busting the Great Inflation Myth Conventional wisdom isn’t the only one.
quant etf breakthrough higher This Quant ETF Is Set to Surge Higher Use this adaptive strategy for profits.
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