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Bauman Daily — The Markets as You’ve Never Looked at Them Before

Great StuffTed Bauman isn’t your typical stock analyst…

He’s a trained economist … has traveled to over 80 countries … and has had a front-row seat in American politics. He’s spent his life helping people — just like you — grow and protect their wealth, independence and freedom. And now he’s combining all of this vast experience to bring you Bauman Daily.

You’ll gain access to powerful market insights from Ted and his team of analysts throughout the week — raw and unfiltered. Ted isn’t afraid to speak his mind (even if it goes against conventional wisdom) to help you make and keep your money.

If you’re looking for real solutions that can help you make real money, Bauman Daily is for you.

Recent Bauman Articles

Like It or Not, the Real Earnings Recovery Will Come From Government Spending [14-minute video] To find future profit opportunities, smart investors look past ideology.
Collect Gains as This Industry Benefits From Market Mayhem
by Clint Lee October 21, 2020 Bauman Daily, Investing, Stocks
[3-minute read] Volatility means windfall profits for these firms.
Will Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell be remembered in history as an effective Fed chairman or a total flop? No More Fed Bailouts? Prepare for the Stock Market’s Next Big Risk [4-minute read] Federal Reserve officials are sounding alarm bells … smart investors will take heed.
Why Wall Street Wants Higher Taxes (and the Strange Reason You Should Too) [12-minute video] Profit from the long-awaited rotation into value stocks.
Despite Hidden Joblessness, Wall Street Bets Big on Change [15-minute video] Look to earnings, not employment, to position your portfolio for gains next year.
Mega Trend Profits: $2 Trillion Tail Wind Ahead? [3-minute read] Is this the eve of the next big mega trend accelerator event?
#2020Election: Where to Place Your Stock Market Bets Now [4-minute read] Making money in the stock market is a strictly apolitical activity.
Public Policy vs. the Markets: Zombie Companies and the Next Opportunities [12-minute video] High-flying growth stocks and zombie companies are about to face reality … but that means opportunity elsewhere.
Beat the Overpriced U.S. Market With International Stocks [14-minute video] These two investments have already started to break out … but this rotation is just getting started.
2 Charts Tell You Which Stocks to Buy … and When to Buy Them [3-minute read] Find long-term winners with fundamental and technical analysis.
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