Keeping your emotions in check during volatile markets isn’t easy.

In fact, Scott K. wrote in this week, saying:

I thought I’d have no problem disregarding my emotions during a downturn. But this downturn has tested my steel.

It’s a great example of why Charles is dedicated to helping make investing simpler for Main Street Americans.

Through Real Talk, Alpha Investor and more, our team wants to see you achieve financial freedom.

And mastering your emotions is a big part of being able to take advantage of opportunities and make profits.

So, this week, Charles showed you a new way to look at your portfolio in order not to panic sell. And he highlighted the current opportunities in one specific industry.

As Scott mentioned in his email, these kinds of insights from Charles are: “the catalyst to helping [him] stay the course … and realize great gains rather than just holding the fort.”

So, if you missed Charles’ Real Talk this week, be sure to catch up below.

Because we want you to help you the same way we’ve helped Scott and many others during this volatility.

And read on for Scott’s full message, as well messages from other readers just like you this week.

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ICYMI: The Meme Stock Mania That Alpha Investors Avoided

The meme stock mania of the pandemic’s early days has fizzled out.

Many of those who got caught up in it are now nursing big losses.

But if you’ve been following Charles for a while, you hopefully aren’t one of them.

He shared his insights on ignoring the hype and focusing on quality companies instead.

And recently, he sat down with author Spencer Jakab to learn more about the GameStop short squeeze.

Many touted it as a financial revolution when a young cohort of Reddit investors changed the way people looked at investing in January 2021.

But as Charles likes to remind our team: History might not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme.

Charles and Spencer discuss what everyone got wrong about Wall Street … the Panic of 1901 … and Spencer’s book, The Revolution That Wasn’t: GameStop, Reddit, and the Fleecing of Small Investors.

You can listen to their exciting interview by clicking here or watch it on YouTube by clicking the image below. And afterwards, let us know your take on meme stocks by writing in at

Real Talk, Real Readers!

From Scott K.: Charles, just a quick note of thanks. I’ve always thought, “I’ve got to get better returns!” So, for a long time, I’ve searched for a resource to help me invest in individual companies rather than various exchange-traded funds or mutual funds.

I found you early in 2021 and subscribed to Alpha Investor with some hesitancy. I’ve discovered that you have the heart of a teacher. And the more I watch, read and listen to your podcasts and updates, the more confident I have become in your approach of buying great businesses with tailwinds and great CEOs when they’re trading at bargain prices.

I have to say, this has been the catalyst to helping me stay the course. At the onset, while the markets were going gangbusters, I thought I would have no problem disregarding my emotions during a downturn.

But this downturn has tested my steel. And it’s your level-headed approach that has helped me see this as an opportunity to realize some greats gains rather than just holding the fort and riding it out.

Thanks for not just making recommendations, but teaching why you are making recommendations.

From Harvey A.: Charles, I want to thank you for changing the way I think about the stock market.

I’m retired six years now. Our nest egg is in a conservatively managed account with a great guy we’ve been with for 30 years. Two-and-a-half years ago, I took some cash I was willing to risk and started another brokerage account — mainly as a hobby — hoping for some big returns.

2020’s gains were very impressive, but since then, not so much. And I had been stressing over my short-term losses. That is, until I started listening to you. Your philosophy that a stock is a piece of a business rather than dots on a graph has really calmed me down and is helping me focus on long-term results.

Keep your “buy” recommendations coming!

From Karen L.: Thank you for your expert advice in these times. Sound advice that will help many endure the next 10 years and beyond! I trust in you so much. And I’ve been introducing you to others, so they will get on board with you, too. Thank you for being an awesome person!

From Mike B.: Good afternoon, I did not know anyone could get me excited to personally invest in the stock market. So, thank you for that!

From Lori B.: Thanks for the sound investing mantra you keep reminding us of.

Keep it coming! We love hearing from you. Write in with your questions and comments any time at


Lina Lee

Senior Managing Editor, Real Talk