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This week, Nancy asked a question we want to share with all of you.

And we shared it with some of our experts. You see, it got them thinking about an important part of trading: knowing the right time to sell for a profit.

Nancy wrote:

I know it’s recommended to get out of a stock at a 30% loss, but what is the threshold when it’s profiting for you to exit?


Our gurus have different approaches to taking profits on a stock. They’ve all done extensive research to find the best times to enter and exit positions.

Selling a stock at the right time can allow you to double, or even triple, your initial investment — and to get out before it falls.

Matt Badiali explained how trading with stops can help you do just that:

Our hard and fast rule is that we use stops. We adjust the value of the stop as the stock price goes up to preserve gains. We use a 25% or 30% stop in our initial positions. Then we ratchet down the stops as we grow our gains. We usually cut back to 25% when we’re up 50% and go from there. The goal is to end up with a 10% or 15% stop once the stock doubles. That way we preserve our gains. That’s just a rule of thumb, though. For more volatile stocks, like the marijuana sector, we begin to look at taking half our position off the table once the stock is up 65% or so.

Matt’s Real Wealth Strategist readers followed this exact approach and made 65% on half of their trade in Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC) in about six weeks! He’s also identified several other buys in the marijuana sector.

Senior analyst John Ross explained his approach to growing your original investment with a sound exit strategy:

In stocks, there is no hard threshold at which to take profits. Remember: Cut your losses, but let your winners run. Generally speaking, you should enter a trade to make at least twice what you’re risking. If risking 30%, then you should reasonably expect to earn 60% based on your time frame and price targets. You should tighten up your stop-loss or use a trailing stop-loss. These will help protect your gains as the stock rises to and through your target price.


John Ross regularly offers his readers tips like these in his YouTube videos. Right now, he’s running a series on the five habits of winning traders.

In his latest video, he discusses how justified confidence in your trading strategy can make you a better investor. You can check it out here.

Finally, Chad Shoop shared a different approach to limiting your risk:

I buy protective put options to limit my risks and profit as the stock climbs.

Last month, Chad wrote an article about this strategy. It’s a great option if you believe in a stock and want to wait on a potential surge higher.

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