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3 Biggest Myths in Options Trading — Debunked

3 Biggest Myths in Options Trading — Debunked

If you’re new to options trading, you may have heard some common myths, such as:

  • Options are riskier than stocks.
  • Options almost always expire worthless.
  • Options are too complicated for most investors.

In today’s Market Insights video, I ask my colleague and options expert Michael Carr to debunk these myths and explain how new investors can get started with options trading.


Ian King

Editor, Automatic Fortunes

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“Loving this. Should have started a long time ago.”

- Jay

"I went all in with $310,000 and a year later, my portfolio was at $425,000. This I would have never accomplished with mutual funds, I will be following your research for the rest of my life thank you Paul and the team."

- Karl A.

“I found Profits Unlimited in Summer 2016. Starting with about $20,000, I began following your recommendations and did my own thing as well. Four years later, I am happy to report my portfolio is now in the six figures."

- Andrew

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