Last week, the gross domestic product report showed the sharpest slowdown since the recovery.

It has nothing to do with demand. The problem is supply.

Companies aren’t delivering due to shipping, shortage in materials and, more importantly for our conversation today … labor. Because that’s creating a massive boom in robotics and automation as businesses respond to this labor crunch.

In today’s Your Money Matters, Ted Bauman and Clint Lee show just how quickly this industry is growing and two different ways to play it. You’ll also find out what Ted believes is “one of the greatest hidden opportunities in the market today.”

Is This the New Norm?

Workers are leaving and not returning. Job openings have soared to a new record.

According to Forbes, 30 million baby boomers retired and left the job market in the early days of the pandemic. And in a recent survey from Coventry, it was noted that over 75% of its respondents were planning to retire early.

Is this the new norm? How long will this labor shortage last?

Today, Ted and Clint discuss the reasons WHY this is occurring — ranging from immigration to inflation. Plus, they’ll reveal how long this labor shortage could last based on historical clues.

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