Earnings season is the time for many publicly traded companies to release quarterly earnings reports to shareholders. Think of it like a progress report for the stock markets.

It’s also a period of intense speculation among analysts and investors. After all, a single shareholder call can guide market sentiment for the rest of the year.

The major indexes surged over the past few months. Still, quarterly earnings per share fell 7% over the same time frame.

This difference is significant.

Analysts predicted more companies would post average earnings and smaller revenues as a result.

That could lead to greater friction in the markets throughout 2019.

The stock market could reach another bottom this year if earnings continue to fall. Investor sentiment may falter as well.

Over 6% of the S&P 500’s listed stocks have already issued quarterly reports.

Top performers like Amazon, Apple and Facebook are set to call shareholders in the coming weeks.

Other major players in tech, cannabis and beyond will report earnings soon. Now, our experts are looking for signs of what to expect in the second quarter.

Senior analyst John Ross offered commentary on aluminum producer Alcoa’s disappointing first-quarter results:

Alcoa missed big. The natural resources player reported larger-than-expected losses in the first quarter. Its post-earnings conference call conveyed some optimism about the business. Still, Alcoa couldn’t ignore the elephant in the room: China.

Other natural resource companies influenced by oversupply and slowing demand in the Chinese market can’t either. Alcoa had to cut back its global aluminum demand forecasts. I’m not very bearish. Still, this could dent sentiment for commodities and materials stocks in the second quarter.

Chartered Market Technician Chad Shoop follows earnings drifts for profitable trades in Quick Hit Profits. He told us about one key factor that will affect his outlook on the second quarter:

The bar has been set low for companies in the first quarter. Expectations have dropped over 7% since the quarter started. Stocks have risen, though. I think we can expect to see more companies beat earnings than usual. This should set us up for bullish momentum as we head into the summer months. The key will be price action. We don’t want to see the market give up its gains since the start of this year.

Chad has studied market data for many years to determine the best stocks to trade after companies release earnings.

The research has paid dividends to his readers.

Quick Hit Profits subscribers have closed recommendations totaling four 50% gains and one triple-digit return — and that’s just in the first three months of 2019!

He’s excited to bring his readers even more gains. Just click here if you’re interested in learning more about his system.

Our other experts have more on the markets this week.

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