Electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, alternative energy, e-commerce…

We cover a ton of trends in Winning Investor Daily. But we’re usually not in the direct path of any of them as they take off.

Of course, that’s changed as the work-from-home trend escalates.

Before March 2020, our Winning Investor team was much like any other. We worked in an office, gathered in person for meetings, went out for lunch.

As of now, that’s all a thing of the past.

We brainstorm on Slack. We meet on Zoom. We even have virtual lunches on occasion.

We have COVID-19 to thank for this acceleration. But here’s the thing: Even if the pandemic goes away, our team wants to keep working from home most of the time.

And we’re not alone.

In Gallup’s September employee trends update, 45% of full-time U.S. employees worked from home either all or part of the time.

That’s the same as in July and August, signaling that return-to-office plans remain on hold.

And 91% of U.S. employees working remote (fully or partly) desire to continue doing so after the pandemic.

Clearly, the working-from-home trend is here to stay.

It’s even going to usher in a slew of other changes.

Working from home requires home office equipment and security. It requires space. And it gives people the freedom to live where they want to be — not just chained to a company’s headquarters.

Ian King has been watching this trend for a while. But in the newest issue of Strategic Fortunes, he’s pinpointed a surprising stock that’s also set to profit from our new work-from-home culture.

It’s a tech dinosaur, but it’s due for a massive turnaround.

To find out how to access Ian’s newest stock recommendation, click here.

And keep reading below for this week’s Winning ideas.

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