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What the Latest Earnings Reports Really Tell Us About Amazon, Tesla and the S&P 500

What the Latest Earnings Reports Really Tell Us About Amazon, Tesla and the S&P 500

Clint Lee and I are back, talking about the state of the markets this week in Your Money Matters.

We’re coming off a remarkable string of earnings announcements from U.S. companies — including Amazon and Tesla. In today’s video, you’ll get an accurate picture of what’s really going on behind the scenes … because not everything is what it seems.

For one thing, the S&P 500 Index is (so far) barely in positive territory. But there’s actually just one sector dragging it down. And this industry is a bit of a special case … which skews the picture even more. You’ll see what sector it is and why it’s so unique.


Amazon and Tesla: Beyond the Headlines

Amazon shattered expectations with its earnings report, sending the stock soaring 12% in after-hours trading on Thursday. You’ll discover the big drivers of Amazon’s earnings beat, and what that mean for the company’s future.

You’ll also hear more about the Tesla “surprise” … the company reported the first profitable year in its history. Find out how it pulled that off. But perhaps more important than that was another detail buried in the company’s statement you should know about.

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